gift/anniversary ideas for male!
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So, this is so off-topic I didn't even know which board to post it to, but I didn't know where else to turn!  Anyway, I need the help of your creative minds!  My boyfriends birthday is coming up as well as our two-year anniversary.  I currently don't have a job (almost done with college) but still want to do something special for him, especially after he surprised me with a Louis Vuitton for my birthday this month.  Anyone have any creative (and fairly cheap) ideas??  Here are a few things I've already done for/gotten him:


-customized m&m's

-scrapbook of our pictures

-Deck of cards with 52 things I love about him written on each

-Home-cooked dinner in lingere

-Picture of us in cute frame

-ipod (when I had money...ha)

-Hand-written letters

-A painting I made of a two puzzle pieces fitting together 

-Other various articles of clothing


So..I'm running out of ideas!  Please help a broke girl out!  I wish I could spoil him...but then again, money doesn't buy total happiness and it's the little things that count, right??


EDIT: A little bit about the boy...he loves cute, personal gifts.  Loves to eat and loves food.  Drinks occasionally, but not too much. Likes music and movies. Is a big family person. He actually has pretty good style (jeans, converse, black/white T, hoody kind of style), loves his rayban aviators, loves to travel.  Is really funny and outgoing, loves to snuggle up with a bunch of blankets and pillows...oh gosh, I don't know what else!  Has an x-box and plays video games once in a while but not a lot.  That's about all I can think of right now!

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One anniversary I bought my husband a Tag watch, one year a nice bike and tennis racket, one year a new wedding ring, and one year just some beauty products...lotions for men and the fragrance sampler.  Pajama pants are always a nice year I did skiing accessories, like goggles and a lift tiket.  I also bought a money clip and engraved it.  I got him some sports sweatshirts and hats...also, I bought some winter accessories, like a UnderArmour hat and gloves, and a coat for snow.  Some cold gear items, we live in Baltimore where snow will hit us every few years...Hope this helps...even if you dont chose these exactly, maybe it inspires other gift ideas.  

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