eye cream for dry, sensitive eyes
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Hello! I am in major need of help. The skin under my eyes is extremely dry, and I have not had luck finding a product that works for me. Since I have sensitive eyes, I tried Clinique repairwear...it was ok, but I didn't feel like it was doing enough for the cost. I exchanged it for DermaDoctor wrinke revenge...while it doesn't burn the skin around my eyes (like many products do), it migrates into my eyes and stings, especially when I'm sleeping. While dryness is my main concern, something that also helps with wrinkles would be a nice bonus. Please help!

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Try Origins. They are inexpensive and feel SO good! I have combo skin but dry/flaky eyelid near lashline, and a lot of eyecreams irritate if you apply it on the lashline. I used to use Clinique All About Eyes which feels a bit greasy, but then I switched to Origins Eye Doctor and it's so refreshing, like when you gulp down cool water after running 2 miles in the summer heat. Origins Plantscription eye cream is just as refreshing/hydrating but have a shot of anti-aging goodies in it. It healed my peeling eyelid.


If you don't mind expenses, Caudalie eye creams are good, and Fresh Lotus gel is good, too. Do NOT get any eye cream that have cool (menthol), light diffusing/luminizing (shimmers) properties since they are most likely to irritate.

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