eye cream for dry, sensitive eyes
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Hello! I am in major need of help. The skin under my eyes is extremely dry, and I have not had luck finding a product that works for me. Since I have sensitive eyes, I tried Clinique repairwear...it was ok, but I didn't feel like it was doing enough for the cost. I exchanged it for DermaDoctor wrinke revenge...while it doesn't burn the skin around my eyes (like many products do), it migrates into my eyes and stings, especially when I'm sleeping. While dryness is my main concern, something that also helps with wrinkles would be a nice bonus. Please help!

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Try Origins. They are inexpensive and feel SO good! I have combo skin but dry/flaky eyelid near lashline, and a lot of eyecreams irritate if you apply it on the lashline. I used to use Clinique All About Eyes which feels a bit greasy, but then I switched to Origins Eye Doctor and it's so refreshing, like when you gulp down cool water after running 2 miles in the summer heat. Origins Plantscription eye cream is just as refreshing/hydrating but have a shot of anti-aging goodies in it. It healed my peeling eyelid.


If you don't mind expenses, Caudalie eye creams are good, and Fresh Lotus gel is good, too. Do NOT get any eye cream that have cool (menthol), light diffusing/luminizing (shimmers) properties since they are most likely to irritate.


I've had some good luck with Caudalie eye products. Also, play around with how much product you use- you may be using too much, or placing it too near your eyelashes, which would cause the migration into your eyes. Now, when the weather changes, or if I feel the area around my eyes (and face) getting too dry, I'll mix in a drop of extra virgin olive oil into my regular moisturizer- it doesn't have any additives, so it shouldn't cause a reaction.  Or, you could try argan oil.



Try an eye cream with alpha hydroxy acids to help gently exfoliate the dead and dry skin around the delicate eye area. If there is much dry skin built up, no matter how great of a moisturizing eye cream you use it won't be able to sink in and absorb as well.


Try Studio Gear's Enriched Eye Cream, it has alpha hydroxy acids (very gentle exfoliation) and Royal Jelly, which is a humectant, and humectants bind moisture to the skin.


As other's have mentioned already, the placement of the eye cream is important. Use a sprinkle sized amount of cream for each eye on your ring finger, in a tapping motion, pat the cream in place around the orbital bone on the underside of the eye move upward to the temples, Avoid the direct portion under the bottom lash line.

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Try Hope in a Tube from Philosophy. It's intensely moisturizing and also firming. Better at night though because it's really rich.


Also try Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream. It's great for daytime and moisturizes well too.


I use both of these ^^ I'm really happy with them both.

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