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don't know what type of skintone i have

i've been looking around alot online and i've read stuff about blue undertones and the color of my veins. but i'm still not sure, is there a simple way i can tell? or can anyone help describe what the skin tones look like? im sure i'm around medium or dark, but i don't really know what olive is, and sometimes i look really light and vice versa. pics would help if it's not too much trouble, but any form of help is much appreciated. thanks Smiley Happy

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Ok, so the blue veins is for your undertone. People usually fall under three main categories, Cool, Warm, and Neutral. Cool colored people will have blue veins on their wrist. Warm colored people will have green veins. If you have a mixture of both or they look greenish blue, or blueish green you're neutral. Now for the Olive, Beige, Golden, Yellow and Pink, you sometimes see in make up brands (like Make Up For Ever) is just an extension of that. Pink is a cool color, Yellow and Golden, are warm colors, Beige is a neutral color, and I consider Olive kind of a mix of neutral and warm... to me, its kind of in a category of its own.


Now, people with Olive skin tone are usually Meditteranean (Southern Europeans, like Italians and Greeks and Spanish) Middle Easterners, Central and South East Asia. If you're from one of those regions there is a high probability that you have Olive skin tone. Another way to tell,  do you look tan? Olive tone people tend to have better skin when it comes to acne.. not to say they don't get pimples, but their skin tone hides it better. So if you noticed that when you get a pimple you really can't see it, just the feel bump, there is a high chance that you have Olive skin tone. People with Olive skintone don't really get sunburned or turn red in the sun.


Another way to tell, is to hold up a piece of white paper up to your shoulder and neck line. what color do you see in your skin that sort of stands out next to the white paper, kind of reflex off. If you see more pink, you're cool with pink undertones, If you see yellow or goldish yellow color, then you're warm with either Yellow or gold undertones. If you see kind of a greenish hue, then you're warm with an Olive under tone. If you don't see anything that all or you just can't tell most likely you're neutral/beige undertone.


Since you said you around medium or dark, you're more likely to have either warm or neutral undertones. So you probably are either Yellow, Golden, Beige or Olive. I know this doesn't narrow down your choices lol. If you done everything and you really just cannot not tell more likely than not you're neutral/ beige. Thats how it was for me. I mean I looked and tried everything to get some kind of confirmation and I could never tell if I was pink or yellow (I'm fair skin, and fair skin people usually are pink, yellow, and sometimes golden).


I hope this was somewhat helpful. I can tell you some olive tone celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Snooki from Jersey Shore are 2 that I can think of on the top of my head lol. Sometimes its best to get a second opinion from some one different. If you have a sephora store near you or a MAC you can ask one of the make up artist what they think you're undertones are.


If you know your undertone it will make your make up look a 1000 times better, cause you'll be able to find the right shade of foundation and the right colors to wear for blush, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.



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Skin undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin.  Undertones are the colors that are cast like a shadow beneath your skin color.  The shadow has a distinct color which never changes.  While the tone of your skin color can change very easily your undertone never changes.


Consider how your skin looks while you are in the sunlight. Do you appear golden or yellowish?  Perhaps you notice green or bronze undertones (olive skin).  You have warm undertones in your skin if you fall into these categories. If however, your skin appears pink or rosy, red or has beige or brown undertones, your skin is cool.


If you are still not sure, you can stand in natural light and hold something with silver or gray undertones in your hand.  Check to see whether that color adds or detracts to your skin.  Then do the same with a gold colored object.  If your skin looks more vibrant next to a gold colored object, you have warm undertones.  If it looks best with silver or gray, you are a cool person.  Most people are warm toned, not cool toned.  If you are still not certain stop buy your local cosmetic counter and have a sales representative help you decide.


I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Since you described your skin as meduim dark, you probably have a chocolatley colored complexion. Dont worry about blue undertones! That has nothing to do with your skin tone really. It doesnt affect your skin color.

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