clarisonic brush head cleaning

I was wondering, I have a clarisonic and I am interested in how to clean and sanitize the heads. I know they are supposed to be replaced every three months, but at $25 dollars a replacement, I would rather try to clean them and reuse. Does anyone have advice on this??

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I definitely recommend washing it with anti-bacterial soap once a week.  Simply remove the brush head and wash in soapy water to eliminate any residue.  I also clean my bristles with soap if there is makeup residue on them.


Clarisonic recommends you replace the brush heads every 3 months because the bristles get worn out, and could become less effective.  I tried to go past the 3 month time period, but did notice that the head needed replacing and now with a new head it works even better now.


Use your best judgment on when to replace your brush head- you should be able to tell when it is getting worn out.




All you need is a antibacterial soap and warm water and wash it once a weekSmiley Happy
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