clairisonic trouble?

I decided to purchase the clairisonic device a month ago, but I've noticed my skin has been breaking out even more. I've been looking around and so far I have found that "purging" is a myth (via Dermatologist). Even if that was the case, I used the product for over a month and the breakouts have been getting worse. I use the same products as I did prior to the clairisonic so I know they are not the contributing factor. I have developed little bumps here and there, and it seems like my chin area does not want to clear. Mind you that I have dry/combination skin so I didn't have many breakouts to even begin with. Is anyone else having this issues? Should I stop using my clairisonic? What products can I use to help correct my breakouts without overdrying my skin?


ps. I've been using the "normal" brush attachment.

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