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Will the Clarisonic stimulate unwanted hair growth?
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I really want to buy a Clarisonic Mia but I'm afraid that it might stimulate the hair on my face to grow thicker. I really don't want my peach fuzz to become more noticeable. 


I read this online:

Topical hair growth is caused by sustained surface irritation to an area. These methods can stimulate the blood supply to an area, bringing more nourishment to the area. This can stimulate hair growth. 


Has this happened to anyone using the Clarisonic?


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I have noticed a huge increase in hair growth on my face since getting the Clarisonic. I've had very fine peach fuzz on the sides of my face but it has gotten much worse! I now get hair on my chin!!! ewww and increased growth on the sides of my face. It's really embarrassing and I have to use a depilatory cream frequently. I may stop using the Clarisonic altogether. I don't really think the other positive results were drastic enough to constantly tolerate this annoying facial hair!

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