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Will the Clarisonic stimulate unwanted hair growth?
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I really want to buy a Clarisonic Mia but I'm afraid that it might stimulate the hair on my face to grow thicker. I really don't want my peach fuzz to become more noticeable. 


I read this online:

Topical hair growth is caused by sustained surface irritation to an area. These methods can stimulate the blood supply to an area, bringing more nourishment to the area. This can stimulate hair growth. 


Has this happened to anyone using the Clarisonic?


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I've never come across this issue before while working with the Clarisonic or to any clients that I've recommended it to.


To be honest, your worry isn't irrational, as I can see how you may come across this idea. The Clarisonic provides a deep cleansing effect with micropulses and it's pulsating motions, which in turn brings trapped bacteria or oils in pores to the surface to purify and cleanse, it's natural to wonder if this may also stimulate the rising of hair follicles or strands as well.


As hair growth isn't generated from surface stimulation (if so, combing your hair or massaging your scalp would add extra inches), I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. In terms of hair growing thicker, that would be dependant upon the follicle shape, which determines if hair that grows outward is straight, wavy, curly, or even kinky and it's texture. The idea that hair grows back thicker due to processes like shaving or trimming holds next to no validity as what actually occurs during a shave is that the hair follicle, which has grown to a pointed, conical end, is bluntly cut off at a surface level, leaving the strand with a flat top, so when it grows, hair merely feels thicker or more coarse because time has yet to refine it to it's conical shape which occurs when hair is allowed to grow out for a longer period of time. Think of it as when you get your hair cut, your ends feel blunt and squared off, but months down the line, it's more refined.


If you have issues with facial hair, for example on your chin, along the sides of your face or even around your upper lip, I'm sure the Clarisonic won't stimulate further growth, if you get waxed or deal with ingrowns, it may even help with preventing or lessening that issue.

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