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Christmas is coming, and my younger cousin wants a Clarisonic. I know her family is a little down on money, so I want to help them out by getting her a Clarisonic and saving them a little money. There are quite a few Clarisonic sets, and I was wondering which one would suit her. She's only 14, and has semi-sensitive, acne-prone skin. She usually has a few whiteheads... What Clarisonic/Clarisonic set should I give her?

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Hi dreamysmile,


You've already been given amazing advice about the Clarisonic. Both the orginal Clarisonic and Clarisonic Mia come with a clenser as well as a sensitive brush head. I would suggest also giving her a facial routine set  to go along with the Clarisonic. Clinque Acne Solutions Clear Skin System  and ClickR Skin Care Total  are two wonderful skin care systems that cater to acne prone sensitive skin. Both daily clensers can be used with the Clarisonic. 


Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit

Total Acne Face Care Kit ($121 Value)

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