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What are the best makeup brands for sensative skin?
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I know Clinique is a good one, but what are others? and I don't want organic or natural suggestions.

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Do you mean for face makeup products like foundation? If not Clinique, which is one of the only mid-range price brands that makes makeup with such a high focus on skincare properties, I'd probably say your next best bet is high-end brands that use high-quality ingredients. For face makeup, that means Dior, Lancome, and Laura Mercier in my personal opinion.

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I have always had really unbelievably sensitive skin and have always been super bummed I couldn't wear a lot of makeup.  What I finally found was that once I started taking better care of my skin and using the right cleanser and moisturizer, I was able to wear more makeup!  I use Philosophy Purity cleanser and Hope in a Jar moisturizer.  For makeup, I use MAC's mineralize line, but I like Nars blush.  Good luck!

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