What are good products to combat redness or rosacea?

I'm looking for a serum, moisturizer, or skin treatment that helps with redness. I always look flushed and have very mild rosacea  but my dermatologist says its not severe enough to warrant medication or treatment. I have already tried concealer, color correctors, and makeup primers (Smashbox's green photo finish primer and most of clinique's color correcting products, and some drugstore brand ones) and am sick of spending money on products that don't work. Makeup primers and color correctors do work when I initially put them on but within an hour i feel like i need to re-apply because my face looks super red again. Please help!

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I too have rosacea and after trying green tones correctors and primers and calming drugstore moisturizers, i finally bought Revaleskin night cream - it has Coffeeberry and has been proven to calm redness for people that have Rosacea. It has been recommended by dermatologists and has been working well for me, so i recommend trying it out.

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