Using more than one night time skin treatment - advice needed!
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What is the proper and most effective way to apply more than one night time skin treatment? I remember reading somewhere that you should use any clear serums first, then add lotion type treatments. I currently use an acne prevention serum (Murad) but would like to add an anti-aging product to my night time routine. I have tried the Murad acne/aging combo products but the strength of the salicylic acid is a lot lower, so I switched back to my regular routine after I got a couple of blemishes. Maybe I can layer one product over the other? Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi ladies!

I wanted to thank you all for your advice and let you know what I have been doing. I have been using my anti acne serum in the am and pm, followed by anti-aging acne prevention moisturizer with SPF in the mornings, and at night I have been adding the anti-aging/acne serum on top of the serum I use in the morning, followed by moisturizer for acne prone skin without SPF. My skin seems to be tolerating it just fine! I also just ordered my first Clarisonic and I'm excited to see what that does for me Smiley Happy

Again, thank you all for your input!

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I use multiple products as well and it took me some time to figure out the right order.  I use the proactive system to prevent acne, retinol to prevent signs of aging and a moisturizer to prevent drying from all the other products I use!  I've heard the best process is to start with your lightest products first (serums) and end with the heaviest (moisturizers).  If you use your heaviest products first, whatever you put on top of that won't be absorbed, it wlil just create a barrier. At night after I wash and use a toner on my face, while it's still a little damp, I use my retinol (serum), let it dry a bit (but not all the way), then I use my proactive lotion (acne treatment), let it dry a bit, then I finish with moisturizer. 


I realize my skin care routine is probably overkill for my age but I figure it's better to prevent than to correct!

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