Underarm hair help
Hi :smileyhappy:

I have an embarrassing question to ask. So last Friday I got my underarms waxed for the first time. I usually shave bc I'm chicken.

 it's a week later and I have hair coming back. It's not enough for me to get waxed again and if I were to wear a tank top it's not noticeable bc my skin is darker and the hair is short very short. . But I have a lunch date tomorrow and I am going to be sleeveless. What should I do? 

If I wax it won't that mess with the growth cycle? Should I pluck, 

I was planning on going to the waxing lady next week for eyebrows and if my underarms were long I would get them waxed. But for tomorrows date what do I do?
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If it hasn't grown out that much, my guess would be that he won't even notice!  I think you can probably get away with going sleeveless.

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