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Things to prevent/stop lash growth

Long eye lashes are usually a good thing, but not when I have the Asian-ish lid where if you look at my eyes sideways, the top/bottom lashes on the inner corner goes inward instead of outward. And no, I can't curl it, because it's semi hidden by the skin over my inner corner, as illustrated by the hasty 5 sec Paint picture below (black is the eye you see, brown is the lash, and dotted grey is the lashline behind the skin over inner corner of my eyes).


I also tried plucking them, which hurt and make my eyes water better than onions and leave my eye corners a bit puffy and irritated the 2nd day. So then I'm resorted to itchy eyeballs and bad mood 24/7.


Now that all the extra information you don't need to know is out of the way, is there any serum or things I can use to prevent/inhibits/stop lash growth?


or any idea other than plucking or curling or poking sharp or hot things into corner of my eyes (kids, don't try this at home...or anywhere for that matter).

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I'd recommend speaking to an eye surgeon. It sounds like you have mild entropion, where the eyelashes interfere with each other. I had a pet that had that problem and I took him to a veterinary eye surgeon and he did a minor operation that fixed it right up. Other than that, I would worry that any serums or do-it- yourself activities could cause infections and believe me, you don't want that. I had an eye infection once and they are excruciatingly painful. 

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I didn't even know that too long of lashes were a problem. I've spent my entire life trying to extend my any means necessary. There has to be something you can do to tame yours. prettyinpa made a suggestion that may be worth following up on if you're able. Good luck!
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I have to agree with Prettyinpa about seeing an eye specialist.  At least in the meantime, they can give some temporary relief during the exam.  They put in drops numb the area.  It's an interesting visual experience to say the least.  Depending on how thorough the exam is, you may need someone else to drive after the appointment.  From there, the physician can assess and make some suggestions.


If a procedure is recommended; Skim through the insurance policy to see if there is a chance it might be covered (or at least some benefits).  If not be wary of credit payment programs.  They have long term gradually increasing interest rates and penalize for paying off the balance ahead of time.

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