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I need help finding a strong sunscreen that  will go under makeup without messing the makeup up. Could you recommend some brands? I am fair skinned and need high spf.

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I am very fair skinned and burn with even just a little sun. I have been using Josie Marans spf40 argan moisturizer under my make up. It doesnt make your skin greasy like most sun screens, and dries quickly so my make up always goes on really smooth. A little goes a long way, so the bottle will last a while!

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The ones suggested to you are great to look into, try also browsing La Roche Posay, their sunscreens are super light weight (almost like fluids rather than a thick cream) and they come in higher SPF ranges.


Hi Kimberemma - There is a product that might help you. It's by Peter Thomas Roth and it's called Instant Mineral Powder and it has SPF of 45, Sephora sells it. It's unusual because it's in a loose powder form. It's housed in a cylinder shaped container and has a brush at the end whish you use to apply it. You can use alone or over moisturizer and/or makeup. It's supposed to be nude and matte. There is also an SPF 30 Version and that has one regular and another for oily skin. It can also be re-applied throughout the day.


I saw this presented on a shopping channel I believe and it said there is no expire date on this product. That you can put, or store them anywhere, Your purse, your glove compartment (they specifically said that, that wasn't my idea) but since you don't have to worry about it opening or leaking you can put it anywhere. You might want to call customer service or send an email to double check this info.


I hope this is helpful to you. I'm glad you're looking for SPF even though we are entering into a time when people don't think they need SPF, you obviously know that it is super important. Kudos! I hope you'll come back and let me/us know what you ended up trying and liking or disliking. Best of luck to you.


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you can also try Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 PA+++ its a milk-like/watery consistency.  it is the only sunscreen that doent make my face oily, i've even used it in aisian in humid hot weather and it lasts all day.

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