Sillicone, mineral oil and petroleum jelly, yes or no?

You know there's all that hoopla about how some people/study/expert say sillicone/mineral oil/petroleum jelly are bad for your skin, and how some people/study/expert swears by it?


Unlike parabens, they are difficult to avoid even in organic/natural product (do you know if the ingredient ends in "-cone", it's most likely a form of silicone?). Some people claim it forms a protection barrier and some claim it hinders skin breathability (how is that different from make up?).


So, what are your thoughts? do you swear by baby oil, vaseline etc? or do you hate them cuz of bad experience or such?

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Even though I think there's some truth to that, I still use baby oil. I mean, it's 99 cents and moisturizing for dry skin! The same thing could also be said about parabens, too. If it's supposed to cause cancer, why aren't the products just taken off the shelves? If there's a way to avoid it, I would, but my skin is dry and I have acne-prone skin and if an acne product has parabens in it and it still works to get rid of most of my acne, I'll take the risk. As for baby oil, I think I could afford to buy a body butter or something that's a dollar or two more and still get a similar effect, so once and awhile I'll do that. It's probably about your priorities and principles. Great question!

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I put Vaseline on my lips in the wintertime before bed. Is that bad?

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Some people do have an allergic reaction to mineral oil (My mom has this problem, severely.)   Personally, I don't, and don't have problems with these types of products.

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i believe eve lom cleanser and la mer creme both have mineral oil. both products make my skin feel so soft and beautifully moisturized. i'm a fan.

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It depends.  Too much can be just terrible but in the winter I can't live without a lip balm without petrolatum in it, it's also the base for my prescription eczema medication.  It's a wonderful barrier to retain moisture and since topical moisturizers can only do so much (if our skin really could absorb a lot of moisture from the outside we'd dissolve in the bathtub) it's wonderful for application in small, severe areas until they've healed up a bit.  I also tend to like silicone in makeup but in moderation.

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Mineral Oil isn't necessarily bad for the skin but it does clog your pores and has a layer preventing any moisture to go into your skin. It is used in makeup so much because of the smooth texture it leaves on the skin but I would NEVER recommend it in skincare. 

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