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Salon vs. other tanning oils

Do the tanning oils you buy at salons work the same for outdoor (natural) tanning? If so, which is the best that you guys have gotten? I'm getting ready for spring break in Palm Springs Smiley Happy



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Lucky You!Smiley Happy On the bottles that you purchase sometimes it will say Indoor/Outdoor use, sometimes not always. For the majority of the tanning salons won't let you use oil on their sun beds because oil ruins the surface of the beds. So the one's you buy for the sunbeds are usually for indoor use only. Hope thus helps! You also shouldn't be tanning it's very bad for your skin.(sorry just have to throw that in)Smiley Tongue

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To my knowledge, there's always been a distinction between oils designed for outdoor/natural use and usage for tanning beds or tanning systems.


Though I don't personally tan, but I do believe the types of oils and additional ingredients in salon/tanning bed formulas are made safe for bed usage.


Several beauty clients of mine have had great success with the brand Maui Babe, which offers oils for natural use and tanning bed use.


I would still recommend layering at least a SPF 45 or 55 under it just so you're getting sun protection.

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