Safety of REN products during Pregnancy
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I'm pregnant and have been using REN Matte Balancing Fluid (contains Salicilin) and REN Lipovector Soothing Eye Cream (contains vitamin A), as I was told on several occasions that they were 100% safe during pregnancy.

Recently I read that both ingredients in these products (salicilin or willow bark and topical vitamin A) should be avoided during pregnancy as they cause birth defects.

Could you please let me know the concentration of these ingredients in the products above mentioned and confirm their safety during pregnancy?


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First and foremost, I would check with your doctor -- no one here (unless there are OBGYNs among us, and even then, you would not be that person's patient) is qualified to assure you that something is or is not safe for use during pregnancy. When in doubt, as sephoramusthave stated, do not use it.


Your best bet would be to take them to your doctor and see what he/she thinks about them.  My doctor told me during my pregnancies that topical salicylic acid and willow bark are completely safe because such small amounts are absorbed.  I know retinol (vitamin A) is not safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding but I'm unsure about  RENs "vitamin A from Rosehip Seed oil".

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It doesnt matter what the concentration is, if it contains ingredients that are linked to birth defects, I would avoid these items altogether. Sephora classifies REN as natural, but Sephora isnt the most reliable source for determining a natural product...their seal is a joke to me. So long as a product doesnt have a handful of no-no ingredients, Sephora awards that item a seal. When you are pregnant, rely on tells you the safety of a product and whether or not its linked to allergies or cancer. Keep your baby safe. Also try to find truly organic products that have this seal:


Keep in mind that natural ≠ safe. I strongly second that you take a list of ingredients to your doctor before use. 

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REN is an all natural product that I've recommended to my friends when they were pregnant and they had no trouble at all.  REN is one of the best natural brands.  If you are worried about the REN products, then I would print out a page listing the ingredients of the products you want to purchase and take it to your doctor to look over. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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