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Does anyone have any advice on what the best product to help reduce skin redness is? Not to cover but something to help correct the problem.

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It depends on the cause of the redness. I know my redness is usually from one of the two causes:


- external: my cheeks get wind chapped in the fall/winter, combine that with dry indoor heat makes my face red because it's fragile/thin/extra sensitive. In this case a gentle cleanser and creamy moisturizer helps. Enzyme masks improves skin renewal so my face feel plump and hydrated instead of thin/fragile and flaky.


- internal: when I don't drink enough water or eat too much spicy food, the dehydration or inflammation will make my face redder than usual and cause pimples. In that case, I drink more water, nix the spicy food and eat more juicy/cooling food (cucumber, yogurt, pear, watermelon etc).


Those are the common causes and a place to start, but you need to figure out what caused it if you want to fix it (instead of just cover it).

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