Recently i noticed that my forehead became a bit oily right above the eyebrows

Recently i noticed that my forehead became a bit oily...right above the eyebrows extending to my hair there any products i can use to fix this problem.??? HELP MEEE

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You could try oil blotting sheets for a quick, on the go fix. I find that the Clean & Clear ones are cheap and more effective than some higher end ones--though they contain mineral oil which can clog your pores, if that's something you might be concerned about. If you want to purchase oil blotting sheets from Sephora, I would suggest either the Shiseido or Boscia ones.


Korres makes a wonderful mattifying treatment which you can use to either cover your entire face, or just your forehead as a sort of spot treatment.


In addition to the mattifying treatment, Korres also makes a wonderful Pomegranate Moisturizer. It may seem a little unintuitive to add a new moisturizer to your skincare regimen, but this may help. Using a better moisturizer will keep your face more hydrated and keep it from producing excess oil. The pomegranate moisturizer in particular has worked wonders for me. It is for oily and combination skin--moisturizes the dry parts and reduces oil from the oily parts. It really helped my oily skin, and it's a pretty inexpensive moisturizer compared to many other brands that Sephora carries.


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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