Questions about skin!!!!
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What is a good sun block for arms & shoulders? I get burned easily.


Or is there anything better?


Also what is good for an uneven skin color tone from head to toe?



What about dark spot on face?



I have bumps, I quess tiny pimples on my shoulders, upper arms and upper back. What's a good product to use?

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Sunblock? Supergoop brand. Even better, clothing with a UPF rating of 50+ including sun hats. Dark spots and uneven skin tone? (on my face) I use a retinol pad 3x/week from my dermatologist. Philosophy's Miracle Worker pads did nothing. If you use a retinol you MUST use sunscreen. I also use an enzyme peel once a week. Bumps/pimples on chest/arms/back? I use a body wash with salicylic acid in it and then apply a prescription lotion with erythromyacin in it to keep all those areas clear. I also use retinol pads on my chest and neck too before I apply the lotion and it seems to help with the bumps on my chest better than the lotion alone. Retinol basically removes all the dead layers of skin so that the lotions, serums, lotions, whatever you put on top actually penetrates instead of just sitting on top of old dead skin. Hope this helps!
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