Oily/Acne-prone skin and large pores. Please help! Thank you!
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I have very oily/acne-prone skin with large pores around the T-zone. I have been using Proactiv for 2 years. It did a good job clearing my skin at first but now I have break-outs more often, and my pores are getting larger. I am considering switching to other products. I have also tried Clinique but it did not work out for me. What product should I use? Thank you!

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Have you tried DermaDoctor cleanser (Aint Misbehavin), it did a good job clearing up my acne/blemishes. I have similar skin (oily/acne-prone w/ large pores) with high sensitivity though; I too tried Clinique, but it didn't works as well as I wanted it to, Murad cleanser didn't work either.
I use DermaDoctor cleanser and Clinique Acne toner together, and have been acne-free for over half a year now since I started using these two together.
Hope this helps.

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