My face gets really red and hot for no reason, what can I do to treat it?

I have oily/very sensitive skin. I don't have feverfew(however you spell it) or rosacea, at least i haven't been diagnosed with it. My face gets really red and hot very often when I'm not doing anything. It's uncomfortable and annoying, what product if any could help my situation??

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It seems you,re pretty accurately describing a hot flash. My sister-in-law used to get them and felt them all in her face. It was very uncomfortable for her.

You should apply products that are soothing to your skin. Clinique has a great line called redness solution that has a very slight green tint that helps to offset the redness and is very soothing for the skin. I personally use the products and they are very soothing.

Have you had your blood pressure checked? Do you eat a lot of saturated fats or too much salt? This could be a cause of the flashes you seem to be getting. The Redness solutions line will help with external factors, but you should address the problem internally and see what is causing these hot flashes.

You could start by drinking plenty of water and limiting your sodium intake. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies too. Stress can also be a cause - try to relax and cool down a few times throughout the day and see if it helps you diminish the frequency of the flashes.

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This is a great calming, cooling cream from Dermadoctor.


Also I recommend the clinique range for rosacea, since it also targets redness, flare ups and sensitivity. They also make cooling powders, that covers and calms.


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I have psoriasis and my face does this often, especially in winter. I started using Thayer's original witch hazel & aloe astringent on my face, after I shower. I just rub it on with a cotton ball. It helps a lot!

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