I get really bad cold sores. Is there any way to cover them up or get rid dof them faster?

About four times a year I get cold sores around my lips. They look awful and they hurt. Is there anyway I get rid of them or cover them up?

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Honestly, the key is to prevent the virus from raising its ugly head.  Stress, lack of sleep, medications, and even being in the sun or wind too long can make one appear.  Once you have one, though, there are topical ointments you can use to shrink and numb it, but there's not a ton of help there.  Even prescription anti-virals can shorten the span of the sore, but, other than taking them every day of your life (if you get 5-6 or more a year), there's not much more to do about it.


But, please understand that the sore is shedding bits of the virus that causes it as it blisters.  When you touch it, you're transferring that virus to whatever you touch next.  It literally sheds microscopic droplets onto your chin, etc.  So, keep your hands off and definitely don't contaminate your makeup by trying to cover it up.


Topical ointments help, but so does applying ice to shrink the swelling and numb it.  A lot of doctors also recommend ibuprofen and Tyenol to help with the pain and redness.



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When I get cold sores (I get them very bad too) and I'm about to go out I use a concealer pallete with cream and powder. I use q-tips to apply the cream concealer first, making sure to use a new one every time I need more so I don't contaminate my concealer. After it is well blended with the cream, i use a q-tip to put the powder on top to set it in. Close up in the mirror you can still see the sore, but from like talking distance it isn't noticable and from a few feet away impossible to see. Carry some q-tips and the concealer compact in your purse with you throughout the night out just in case you find yourself in the restroom needing a touch up. 

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I saw a commercial for a small clear patch that you can put concealer over so it heals faster and looks good.  I think it would be in drugstores, Abreva Conceal Cold Sore Patch.

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at the first sign if you take valtrex, sometimes you can **bleep** it in the bud...  

also, the supplement lysine can help as well.  if you only get them on occassion i would just take a bunch at the first sign, instead of daily as a preventative.  

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Definitely start using abreva at the first sign of a cold sore coming on, and start taking in some extra lysine.  It helps the body fight off the virus that causes a cold sore.  There are topical and oral supplements, and/or you can eat foods rich in lysine like turkey, beef, legumes, and dairy products.

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I have been getting them for years - No way to cover them up w/o drawing more attention, much like acne breakouts. BUT I did stumble across a treatment for really chapped lips that actually worked as an unbelievable way of lessening cold sore/ fever blister outbreak time (from onset, that tingly itchy feeling, to blister, to scab) from 3-6 days to 1 night!!!!

This is definitely a bedtime tx... Here it is: 3 parts raw honey (health food store - unheated, unfiltered, unprocessed honey) to 1 part cold pressed avocado (or olive, though I think avocado is best) oil. The oil will stay on top of the mix so make sure you really dig in and get to the honey so your lips (and blister) are totally slathered. Dab off any excess oil and sleep.

Yes, I woke w/ a rough scab-like area on my lip the next day but I’d never even reached the blister stage the night before. Not sure if it works this well for everyone but certainly worth a try (for chapped lips too!) and you can have ingredients on hand instead of needing to call in for a script.

Can’t hurt to try it! Good luck!


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I get them also unfortunately, and I have not found a way to cover them.  I would recommend you ask your doctor or dentist for a prescription for Denavir, a product that you use when you first feel the cold sore developing.  If you can catch it, this will prevent it from developing further.  Anything I have purchased over the counter has been a disappointment, and as I'm sure you know, once they develop there is nothing you can do to get rid of them.  Good luck!

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