I am looking for soy free makeup and beauty products.
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I have a soy allergy. I am looking for a concealer & foundation that is soy free. I also need a hairspray, hair gel and eye cream that is soy free. Do you know of any brands that are soy free?

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Check out the mineral make-ups like Bare Minerals.  I have yet to find any liquid products that did not have soy in them.  Of course, I still have read every label out there.  make sure if it say tocopherols, guar gum, vitamin e, celluslose, plant derived, vegan or acetate...that these are not derived from Soy.  Beauty products that are soy free are a problem to find.


And if you are looking for lotions....make your own. 


Good luck. I'm still looking for products and am using some product that contain the least amoutn of soy I can find, but limit it as much as I can.

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