Help!!! My Combination Extremes Are Tearing Me Apart!

My combination skin is extreme. Sometimes it's very oily and mildly to moderately broken out, other times it's extremely dry, flakey, and very broken out. I changed my foundation to BareMinerals and my skin was better than it has been in quite some time. Then bam, I'm starting all over again. When my acne flairs it can be quite embarrassing with large painful pimples that I cannot just ignore.  So what do I do at that point? I put acne medication on and the dryness is unbearable. There are a few factors to my skin problems such as working in a restaurant, my monthly period, and changes in the weather.  I'm 28 with the self-confidence of a tween girl hitting puberty. What can I do to balance this out?

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I had the very same problem.  The deep cystic acne (that I had for 2 years)  only went away after 3 months of taking an antibiotic that I got from the dermatologist.  Since then, I go easy on the exfoliation since I notice that a few days after I exfoliate, my skin is very oily.  I take a multi-vitamin called "daily glow" by Genuine Health that is made for improving skin appearance.  On top of cleaning make up brushes, disinfect telephones as they carry a lot of bacteria and are transfered straight to your face.  I am really into Darphin products right now but I like to mix it up with DDF and Fresh.  

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