Guy+Large Pores+some acne scars= DESPERATE FOR HELP

Hi everyone Smiley Happy

I am a guy on sephora.. yeah I am a really good customer here and more guys need to be too!

The one thing that concerns me is the strength of the products I am using. I am kind of a junkie for skin products and when I don't see results from a product after a while (months usually) I stop using and move on to something else.

I have large pores and some acne scars, being that I work in customer service I always need to look the best.


for my large pores I use products from dr Brandt, such as pores no more cleanser and the deoxygenizing experience mask that a sephora skin specialist helped me pick out. however the big price tag didnt have a big price tag result. 


and as for my red acne scars I cover them up with Josie Maran argan matchmaker serum foundation. I really like it because you cant tell I am wearing it and it covers soooo well! 


I just would like some opinion from everyone... should I switch around my skin care? or add something to benefit me more?

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Sephora recently started carrying Origins but I'm not sure if they carry the full line.


Trial their 'Skin Diver' line for men with bamboo activated charcoal.

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