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Food for a good skin?

I know that food can influence a lot on how my skin looks, and i know the water is also very helpful. But what should i eat and not eat for a nice skin? I know there are some fruits and vegetables and some kinds of foods that are goods, but i'm not sure what they are, and also what are the vitamins and proteins that bring good things to my skin. Hope your help!



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Yes! I do believe diet plays a major role in how you feel, and how the skin looks.


Dr. Perricone has many books and skin treatments supporting this theory.


I also have my own personal favorite things to recommend to rotate for a balanced diet, that leans more on the healthy side, but like everyone else, I dont deprive myself of food that I like, just less of the bad, and more of the good.


Avocado, good fats, and oils for the skin, hair. Oils in general I feel are good, for the most part. Try them on fresh salads and in place of processed, bottled salad dressings.


Greens, raw is healthier, and more nutrient rich than if you cook them. There are also many books supporting this theory. Carol Alt is another fan of the raw foods for full nutrients. I couldnt go all the way with it like she has, but I try my best to take it as far as I feel comfortable. She has a book available about this.


Yogurt and other probiotic foods. They encourage the natural protective bacteria to thrive in your body, to defend itself from the harmful bacteria, naturally present in our digestive systems.

Clinique, and a few other brands have started to include probiotic extracts to balance the natural bacteria present on our skin. Usually for anti acne purposes.


I like supplements. Vitamim E, and fish oils. I feel they hydrate my skin, and protect it from free radical damage, and are anti aging.


My best recommendation is to avoid soda, and drink water instead, it is healthier. Soda is loaded with sugar, and depletes the body of calcium. Watch sodium intake, not just fat grams. Too much salt in the diet, is unhealthy and terrible for the skin. I like coffee, and tea. For every cup of coffee ( a natural diuretic) replace the dehydration with a full glass of water.


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