Does Pollen cause you break out? If so, what products help you clear it out of your pores for teens?


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Pollen may cause allergies and aggravate your skin to flush, but I doubt it causes breakouts. If it did, everyone would have breakouts. I think a good product to use to make sure you don't have any gunk left behind even after a cleanser is a good toner. If you've tried drugstore toners with no success, try to find a natural one or a one without alcohol. I cannot exactly recommend a specific one unless I know your skin type, but I think it's good to explore starting from the top sellers on the Sephora site. I hope this helps!


I think it's a good idea to make sure your pores are kept clean and unclogged especially when allergens are really bad.  Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner is a gentle protecting and purifying formula that smoothes, moisturizes and provides potent antioxidant protection against smoke, smog, and other environmental toxins (such as allergens).  You can find this toner here:;jsessionid=YZMUMHGQMQ0WACV0KQLQX0Q?id=P226707&categoryId...

This toner will also help to keep your pores clear of dirt, bacteria, makeup, etc., so it should help to prevent breakouts.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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