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I have some pigmentation spots and acne scars I'd like to brighten. There's a huge selection of products, could you recommend the best one?



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Hi evi727,


I used a lightener with hydroquinone in it to fade my scars. It seemed to work great at first, but after using it for awhile, I noticed my skin texture was changing and the color was actually darkening/yellowing. I have since read many similar stories, so I just wanted to warn you to be careful and avoid this ingredient whenever possible. It may seem to work miracles but it's quite horrendous in actuality Smiley Sad


What I can recommend are vitamin creams and micodermabrasion. The micordermabrasion will help fade yours scars and help prevent new breakouts. Vitamins A and C and E are said to help brighten skin and fade scars. You can also look for alpha hydroxy acid. 


Natural remedies include honey and lemon juice.  


I hope this helps a little, and convinces you to stay away from skin bleaching chemicals. Heart

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