Concealer & Cream for Under Eyes?
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I'm 19 years old and have hereditary purple-ish, indented dark circles. I also am noticing a little bit of crepey-ness under my eyes, probably due to squinting. I'm looking for a medium/full coverage concealer/corrector for my dark circles that can also accomodate an occasional problem I have with flakiness/dryness under my eyes. As far as concealer, I've heard good things about the Bobbi Brown Corrector, but I'm not sure what color to get and there is no Bobbi Brown counter anywhere near where I live. I'm relatively light-skinned with yellow undertones (a 117 in MUFE HD and a #20 in MUFE Mat Velvet, to get an idea)


Additionally, my under eyes are very sensitive to most eye creams and get red and irritated, so I'm looking for one that will moisturize and sooth and help with the crepey-ness.

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I keep trying to stray from the oil-based, waterproof, hydrating and highly pigmented Lancome Effacernes, and fail, every time.

It may not be hygenic (don't judge me!) but I've been using the same two containers of it on a daily basis for 4 years. It terrifies me... 

Sephora has only a small fraction of their available colours. I use Light Bisque, which I have to buy outside of Sephora, unfortunately. swfupload_5087303040728404252.jpg

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