Clinique's "Even Better Dark Spot Corrector"

Has anyone tried Cliniques Even Better Dark Spot Corrector? Does it work? Or are there any dark spot correctors you recommend?

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I have used it and it does work. It takes awhile to see results, but it has made my sun spots much less noticeable, in fact the ones on my neck that weren't as dark as the face ones are gone. You do have to put it on AM & PM like it says, though. Works on sunspots on backs of hands, too.

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It does work, but you have to be patient and give it at least 6 to 8 weeks before you begin seeing true visible results.

Good luck with it. Smiley Happy

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Love this! Works like a charm! I havent used it but I know my mother uses it and she continously buys it so it must work! Dont be afraid to try something!Smiley Happy

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