Cleanser similar to Origins' checks and balances

I have pretty sensitive skin, and it is prone to breakouts and/or inflammation when I use some cleansers.  I have had good luck with Origins' Checks & Balances cleanser--although it is a little drying--but I am looking for another option.  Does anyone have any suggestions for any other similar cleansers?

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Korres White Tea Facial Fluid Gel cleanser foams to a mild lather to gently free skin from impurities and makeup. I like that it is a natural cleanser and smells good too!




Hope this helps!

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I have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin so I have to be careful about what I wash my face with, too.  I absolutely love Caudalie's Instant Foaming Cleanser which is an all natural, soap-free liquid cleanser.  This cleanser works for all skin types and is especially designed for sensitive skin.  You can read all about it at:;jsessionid=KWO3NMCAHQIR4CV0KSKBPIQ?id=P12978&categoryId=B70

A bottle will last me for months because a single pump will cleanse my entire face thoroughly.

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