Clarisonic... Which one to get?
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The Clarisonic has been on the back of my mind for about a year now.  I kept wondering if it was really worth the money.  My friend has the mia, and she says that it makes her skin feel super smooth.  I thought to myself - ok, but Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating wash and their Microdelivery Peel make my skin feel super smooth too.  But I think after reading hundreds of rave reviews about the Clarisionic, I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and shell out the money for one.


My main skincare issues are uneven skin tone and texture, mostly due to acne scarring and maybe the sun.  To treat this I've tried several products: Shiseido's white lucent line, Korres Wild Rose serum/mask/moisturizer, Philosophy Help Me, Clinique Even Better serum, DDF protect and correct.  And I do feel like these products have helped, but I'm thinking the Clarisonic will be a good thing as well.  (and by the way, I'm 27 yrs old)


I also have mild Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and thighs, so I'm leaning toward getting one of the Clarisonics that has a body brush.  Although this isn't 100% necessary for me... the KP isn't that noticiable... I'm probably one of the only people to know that I have it.  Smiley Tongue


Anyway, so what is everybody's thoughts on the Clarisonics: 

  1. Mia (1 speed)
  2. Classic (2 speeds, and has the cradle charger)
  3. Plus (3 speeds, can use with the body brush, and has the cradle charge)
  4. Pro (not sold at Sephora, 4 speeds, can use the body brush, and has the cradle charger)

Does anybody have the Mia in addition to one of these other Clarisonics?  If so, how do you feel like it compares.  I'm probably leaning toward either the Mia or the Pro.  If I'm going to spend the money on this, I kind of feel like I should just pay a little extra and get the Pro (and when searching online, a lot of times the Pro is cheaper than the Plus... the downside is that there are less retailers for the Pro).  On the other hand, I can save about $50+ and go for a mia.


What do you think?




 EDIT: Another question for those of you who use Clarisonics... How often do you use it?  And do you still use an exfoliator (either along with the clarisonic or with your hands)?  Or is the Clarisonic brush enough exfoliation that its not necessary?


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I got the MIA for the price and LOVE it. It does such a great job, now I wish I had paid the extra $$ to get the Plus so I could use the body brush too!


I have the Clarisonic plus and really like it. I use the body brush a lot, especially in winter when my skin tends to get flaky and ashy. It does make a difference in how well my skin absorbs moisturizer, I tried the brush on one leg and not the other, then applied moisturizer. The brushed leg took up the moisturizer better, after a few minutes all of it had absorbed, versus the other leg that still had a unabsorbed film. (I know, I am a bit of a scientist here!)


I use the face brush everyday to remove sunscreen and makeup effectively, and the body brush every couple of days, depends on how much time I have in the shower. I use the normal skin brush instead of the sensitive and find that I don't have to use exfoliator as much (I don't use exfoliator with the Clarisonic, I find it to be too much for my skin).


Hope this helps!


I have the classic and the mia. My husband took over the classic, so I ordered the Mia for myself. I love both and feel the mia does all the classic does for less price. I also love the size of the mia. However, it does not work with body brushes, so if you really want to use for the body, you may want the pro.


I have the Mia and don't mind the 1 speed at all.  I settled on the Mia over the classic because the classic was humongous to me and I didn't feel like I wanted to pay $50 for a bigger one with the only diff being speed.  If you are considering the body brush I would skip the classic all together and get the Plus or Pro.  I wanted the Plus but I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to this product so I wanted to try the Mia.  Now that I've used it, I certainly feel like if I had the body brush I would def use it.


As for how often it's used: I used to use it 1x a day at night in the beginning when I first got it, but I felt like I was over exfoliating.  So I cut back to once at night every other day and I feel like the results are better.  This is the only exfoliatior (aside from peels) that I use now because it does the job.  I think that with all those products that you use you will find they work a bit better with the clairsonic beforehand- it helps with absorbtion.  Also, you're not supposed to use any "beady" type of clenser with the clairsonic, so just keep that in mind.  Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating wash is ok though because it's small beads.

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I bought the Clarisonic Face Brush when it first came out and I have never regretted the investment.  Now Clarisonic has come out with a lesser expensive version called the Mia, which I think is more affordable and a good brush.  If I were you, I would go for the Mia because of the price.

Also, to answer your question about exfoliants along with the face brush, you are not supposed to use any cleansers with exfoliator beads along with the Clarisonic.  The Clarisonic exfoliates your skin and using a cleanser with micro-beads is too harsh for your skin.  The brush's instruction booklet will tell you not to use any cleanser with micro-beads with the Clarisonic.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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