Clarisonic Breakouts -- How long?
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I have a quick question about breakouts! I know that using a Clarisonic system may initially cause your skin to break out, as it begins to purge your skin of impurities by bringing them to the surface. My questions are: (1) If you have a clarisonic, did this happen to you, and (2) for how long? I know it's generally supposed to last for a few weeks to about a month, but I am just wondering if you can share your personal experiences.


Thank you in advance!!


EDIT: I am not actually breaking out -- I'm getting ready to start using a Clarisonic, and since the topic of initial breakouts comes up frequently, I wanted to know what your different experiences were.


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I noticed some initial redness when I first got mine, but no big breakouts. The redness stopped after about 3 uses and hasn't come back. The small breakout stopped after about a week. I started using an AHA/BHA cleanser with the Clarisonic as soon as I noticed the breakout, so maybe that helped. Now I can use any cleanser and it's fine. 


Sorry to hear that Katie1724! 

I had ONE break out the fist time I used my Mia.  That was it.  One day.  I have the regular brush. 

Maybe you should use the one for sensitive skin?

I regret that I cannot comment more. 


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Hey, katie!  Glad to hear you got a Clarisonic, but I'm sorry it's causing you to break out.  I have heard others say that they have had breakouts when first using a Clarisonic and that they usually go away within the first 2 weeks of use.  I was fortunate and didn't have any breakouts when I started using mine, but I think that more people than not actually do break out in those first couple of weeks of using it.

I hope it works out for you.  Good luck! Smiley Happy

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I bought a Clarisonic is hopes that it would help clear up my whiteheads on my forehead and it actually made my skin much worse. I thought for the first month it was just purging but my dermatologist said that it still shouldnt be purging. I have returned it and my face is finally starting to get back to normal. I was so sad that I read all these great reviews on Clarisonic and then was let down. Hopefully your skin react better with it!

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