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Has anyone used the Clairisonic for their body? I know there is the Clairisonic Plus that includes the spot treatment head, but I can't really spend the extra money.  My sister has acne on her chest and she has tried literally everything, doctors, meds, you name it...and nothing has helped it enough.  Has anyone used the Clairisonic for this and liked it?  I would think if it helps your face it would help your chest??? 

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I have had my Clarisonic Plus for a year and a half.  I'm not sure if your question is whether to spend the extra money for the plus or to buy the Clarisonic at all.  If the hold up is spending the extra for the plus, then don't worry about it just get the regular.  You can use the normal brush head anywhere on your body.  The Plus has more power but I doubt it would make that much differnece in this situation.  The body brush is nice and I use it on my chest, elbows, hands, and anywhere else I want to exfoliate.  But I have found the body brush to not be essential.  When I bought my Clarisonic, I had breakouts and blackheads on my face and that doesn't happen anymore.  But the level of acne you describe seems to need a dermatologist's care.  I highly recommend the Clarisonic to everyone.  I believe it to be the best beauty innovation since retinol.  The Clarisonic won't hurt but if money is tight, spend it on a good dermatologist and make sure you follow the treatment plan exactly.

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I purchased the Mia which does not accommodate the body brush. I still use it for my chest are and upper arms though. It works great! It exfoliates well. I use the sensitive brush head for my face and the regular one for my chest and upper arms. I find the regular Clarisonic too large, it's difficult to hold, and much more expensive than the Mia. 

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I have used the Clarions body. It is wonderful. I don't have the acne issues, but it keeps my skin glowing. It hold a charge through many showers. It is very easy to change from the face brush to the body brush. Plus it just makes you feel good to use it, get your blood flowing !!  highly recommend it.

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