Cetaphil cleanser
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Okay. I use cetaphil's cleanser because it works on every skin no matter what. Honestly. Anyone. But seriously, do I need something more than a wash that cleans my face? Should I be looking for more?
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Hey denden!

 When using a cleanser like Cetaphil, your going to remove dirt and oil as well as balance the PH of your skin. It's best to first remove your make-up that way the cleanser can clean your skin and do it's job. I love Sephora Collection cleansing wipes. They are hypo-allergenic and contain an ingredient called Hydrosen +  which will help your skin maintain moisture levels and prevent overdrying. They retail at a killer $9! They're also great for your gym bag, or in the morning when you maybe don't need to use a full on cleanser to prep your skin.


Hope that helps!



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