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Caring for the Clairisonic
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Is there any care or maintenance involved with the Clairisonic? 

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Yes.  You will need to purchase new brush heads about every 3-4 months ($25 ea).  You also should wash your brush regularly, and I always take of the brush & wash underneath as well so the unit doesn't get moldy.

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I also replace the brush heads less frequently than the manufacturer suggests and it works fine.  I wait until they get a little stiffer than usual and replace,  It works out to about every six months.  It's important to clean the underneath part so the soap doesn't accumulate and impede the ultrasound waves from making it through to your skin.  Still love this tool!

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I do the same...Although, I don't replace the brush as often as recommended and the bristles work just as well. The important thing is to take the brush off and clean the tool every so often because make-up will accumulate over time and then it gets gross. I used an old toothbrush to scrub in all of the nooks and crannies of mine!

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