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Can using black remover utensil too much cause scaring?

I use the black head remover utensil from Sephora; can using too much cause scaring on my face?

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Yes, it does.  Depending on your skin, the scarring could be minimal to grave.  So, why take chances?  If you are set on getting rid of the black heads, see a good dermatologist, especially one who performs facials and such in his office.  A few microdermabrasion session will set you on the right track.  Then go to Sephora, or get on line, and get yourself a good exfoliating cream and clay mask ( I like empreinte the beaute from Lancome) and give yourself a good skin care regimen. 

Oh, and one more thing...  stop picking your blackheads and keep your hands away from your face, unless you are cleansing and treating it. 

Best of luck Smiley Happy

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I've asked several dermatologists and aestheticians about this, and they've all been opposed to it. I'd personally agree, though I do use it from time to time. I definitely say see a derm if possible, but if you must use it, just be sure the tool is clean and your face is cleansed and dried prior to use (if it's oily or wet, the tool will slip around and cause more damage). I follow it with at soothing tonor (even just witch hazel works). Good luck!

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If used as instructed and gently enough, you should not have any scarring from using the tool.  When squeezing with your fingers instead of using the tool you are more apt to end up with scarring.  Just be sure to be gentle and use as directed and you should be fine.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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    I use to use that exact tool and I have some scaring. So YES it does cause scarring. But thats on my skin. Remember everyones skin is diffrent. Hope I helped. Best of Luck,


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Talk to a dermatologist or a doctor, but If I remember right pimple remover tools are not the best for your skin. You can always search Google to check. Look for a credible site. has a lot of information.

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