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Can someone help me form a skin regime?
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. It's my first question. Anyways, I'm an eighteen year old girl looking for someone who knows a bit about skincare and wouldn't mind giving me some tips. I've tried a lot of products, but never really stuck to a routine. It seems that having a solid regime is the secret to better skin, so I thought I should get one as soon as possible.


My main concerns:
- I would like to something to fade my freckles. I really covet that dewey pale look.
- I have a blackhead problem. I don't live anywhere near a place that performs extractions, so it is pretty disheartening.
- I have never used a moisturizer before out of fear it would make my blackheads worse. Is my lack of a moisturizer the source of my skin problems?
- I get small bumps, but no serious acne spots.


Extra information:
- I have normal skin, but it's closer to oily than to dry.
- I do own a clarisonic. I currently use the deep pore head. Would a different head be better for my skin?
- I can't wear makeup, since it makes me look uglier than usual! So makeup remover is a non-issue.
- I think my skin needs exfoliation daily.


Thank you ahead of time. Also, if you could post the order I should apply things in, I would appreciate it.

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Hi hun!


First off, you sound beautiful Smiley Happy I think freckles are adorable and not just in that "little girl" way. I think they are very feminine looking Smiley Happy I'm afraid i can't give you an option to fade your freckles as I've never had to do that, but a good foundation should cover them up... if you insist! Smiley Wink


Blackheads can be SO irritating (I would know!)

Generally you don't need extractions though, just a good regimen.


Moisturizer will not affect your blackheads unless you are slathering on too much and REMEMBER less is more when it comes to beauty products. 


Why exactly do you feel you need daily exfoliation? For most people this would be over kill. Maybe once or twice a week max should be fine on that.


Here's what I recommend:


-Wash your face twice a day (if you notice your skin drying, then take it down to once a day in the evening before bed)

try Ole Henriksen's "African Red Tea foaming cleanser". It's very gentle and will give you a beautiful glow. Focus on blackhead and oily zones when lathering.

-After you have dried your face, try gently applying an eye cream with your ring finger. I recommend Skyn Icelands' "Icelandic Relief Eye Cream". It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

-Next, Apply Ole Henriksen's "Sheer Transformation" moisturizer. This really does "transform" your skin. I LOVE it.


This regimen should help your blackheads exponentially Smiley Happy


Though I have recommended fairly highend products, they will all last you a very long time and do wonders for the skin in my experience. All can be found here on sephora. Just copy and paste the names into the search bar.


Good luck hun!

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From the tone of your question, your problems seem pretty minor. Since you're already using a clarisonic, I think that's good enough for physical exfoliation. If you still think you need exfoliation, you should try chemical exfoliation or a cleanser that contains AHAs (glycolic acid) because they gradually slough of dead skin cells. I love Dermadoctor's Ain't Misbehavin AHA/BHA Medicated Acne Cleanser because it's creamy and not drying. I think the next step would be to choose a moisturizer, specifically an oil-free one. I personally love Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion, but you should definitely sample as many as possible before sticking to one for the long haul. A lot of problems you have, I think, can be settled with one or two products, not like 5 different products, because the issues don't seem severe. I hope this helps and good luck!

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