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Can someone help me form a skin regime?
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. It's my first question. Anyways, I'm an eighteen year old girl looking for someone who knows a bit about skincare and wouldn't mind giving me some tips. I've tried a lot of products, but never really stuck to a routine. It seems that having a solid regime is the secret to better skin, so I thought I should get one as soon as possible.


My main concerns:
- I would like to something to fade my freckles. I really covet that dewey pale look.
- I have a blackhead problem. I don't live anywhere near a place that performs extractions, so it is pretty disheartening.
- I have never used a moisturizer before out of fear it would make my blackheads worse. Is my lack of a moisturizer the source of my skin problems?
- I get small bumps, but no serious acne spots.


Extra information:
- I have normal skin, but it's closer to oily than to dry.
- I do own a clarisonic. I currently use the deep pore head. Would a different head be better for my skin?
- I can't wear makeup, since it makes me look uglier than usual! So makeup remover is a non-issue.
- I think my skin needs exfoliation daily.


Thank you ahead of time. Also, if you could post the order I should apply things in, I would appreciate it.

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