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Can First Aid's Beauty Ultra Repair Cream be used on the face?
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I'm currently using First Aid's Ultra Repair Moisturizer for the face and am wondering if I can use their regular Ultra Repair Cream as a facial cream. The face cream is 1.7 oz for $28 and the body cream is 6 oz for the same price. Will the body cream make my face oily or clog my pores? 



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Hi Princessbrenna Yes, you can definitely use the Ultra Repair Cream on your face as well. Smiley Happy  You shouldn't notice any clogging or increased oil.  It's really not a very heavy cream, but is hydrating and great if you have any irritation. 

First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream

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According to the packaging, the 6 oz. cream is good for the face as well!


First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream


If you're worried that the cream may be a bit rich on your face, try a test patch for a couple of nights. Most body creams are made a bit more emollient as the skin on our bodies are tougher than the skin on our face, so it doesn't hurt just to approach it tentatively!


I've been using it as my night time face moisturizer for almost 6 months now, and I did not experienced any problems with my skin (I have sensitive skin that is very prone to clogged pores and breakouts). My skin gets quite oily during the day so this cream is a little too much for me to use in the morning, but it's perfect at night.


Bumping an old thread.  I recently got the ultra repair cream mini, and am using it on and off for a boost of hydration when my skin is feeling dry. I put the tiniest dab, not quite a pea sz mixed it with clinique dramatically different gel (usually use 2 pumps but i think if i add in the FAB cream, i should decrease to 1)


Now i am noticing their is a ULTRA REPAIR FACE MOISTURIZER &  DAILY FACE CREAM. Has anyone tried to compare?

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