Best product for acne scars?

Hi all!  I've been browsing the forum and found many suggestions for acne scar treatments.  So I was wondering what the best product is for acne scars?  I don't want a spot treatment or a peel, but an overall face serum/treatment.  But I don't want a face lightening product (I don't want to lighten my whole face/complexion). 


Also, can I use these acne scar treatments in conjunction with another serum (such as an anti-aging serum)?  Thanks ahead of time for your advice/suggestions/answers!

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First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance SerumA while back I used a skin oil that ended up causing big problems for my skin--breakouts, redness etc.  From all the havoc that was created I had spots on my complexion from acne that had gone away (maybe not true scars like someone below pointed out, but none the less darker spots that looked bad).  


I added First Aid Beauty's Radiance Serum to my daily routine--not because I thought it would fix my issue but because I wanted to add a serum to my face care since I had never used one before.  Much to my surprise this serum smoothed my skin texture, took away the discoloration, has helped soothe any acne that occurs for me (usually around my jawline), and really just helped my face glow.  


It's not a product that makes a ton of promises, but for me it did way more than I was asking of it and I am so glad that I bought it.

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