Best GENTLE eye cream for under eye puffs/wrinkles?
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I am only 23 years old, and do not have any wrinkles on my face but I suppose I have some minor sun damage near my eyes. I am guessing this because my skin around my eyes looks pretty fine when I have a straight face, but when I smile a problem arises.

Whenever I smile, I have puffy bags/wrinkles under my eyes and if the lighting is even remotely bad, I look years older in photos. I have been using Clinique All About Eyes but it really just hydrates the skin and doesnt do much else.

I have heard anti-aging eye serums and creams can be kind of damaging/intense on sensitive younger skin around the eyes, but I am desperate to get rid of that bag under my eyes!

Can someone PLEASE recommend a gentle (or just not too harsh) eye cream for this issue?! I'm just so sick of it :smileysad: Thank you!


P.S. the photo is not me, it is from google images, but it is an accurate picture of what my eyes look like when smiling.

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I like Tarte Maracuja Oil for night time use. Replenishes moisture.


For daytime use, before applying make up, I use 100% Pure - caffine eye cream. Smells great and helps with wrinkles. 


Ole Heriksen's Truth is in the Eyes gel can help gently exfoliate dead skin to soften fine lines and help brighten the areas from sun damage with vitamin C. You can always use that under your Clinique eye cream as the Truth gel isn't super hydrating.


Boscia's Enlivening Amino AG Eye Treatment also works well for lines, hydrating, puffiness, and dark circles.

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Yeah, Clinique all about eyes is very basic, my eyes are so over it even before I finished the jar. Anti-aging stuff shouldn't be damaging, altho some of the active ingredients can be pretty intense (especially if you apply it to the lashline like I do). I think you will be fine if you go for a general/all around eye cream that does X, Y and anti-aging instead of one that specifically targets deep wrinkles, firming and anti-aging stuff.


Since we are both 20some, I really enjoyed using Boscia Amino and Fresh Lotus eye cream. They are in pumps so they are more sanitary than the jar ones. But if you are careful and don't mind jars, I like Origins Plantscription and Dior Hydralife (new fav). You can check out their product descriptions/reviews to see which ones fit your needs the best. But, they are all great for sensitive skin. =)

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I am a fan of Ole Henriksen's Ultimate Lift Eye Gel for Night and Fresh Start Eye Cream during the day for someone younger.  It's good you are starting now because they eyes are the first place to show aging.  Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water.  Origin's GinZing is another good one.  I personally use Ole Henriksen's Truth Eye Peel and Total Truth Eye Cream and haven't had any problems.  I've also tried the products I've suggested to you and didn't have any irritation...I'm a contact lens wearer as well.  :smileyhappy: If your dark eyes and puffiness are related to allergies, see your doctor about possibly starting some sort of allergy medication.  Philosophy also has some really good "starter" eye creams.  Grab some samples and good luck! :smileyhappy:

P.S. Make sure you are wearing sunglasses too. Sun damage ages you quickly! I like Total Truth b/c it has an SPF that is safe for use around the eyes.

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I really like Korres eye cream!

I've tried both the korres quercetin and oak & the evening primrose eye cream.

the Quercetin and Oak cream is more targeted for anti-aging while the Evening Primrose eye cream focuses more on on brightening the area up a lot (temporarily?).


Im currently using a Yes! (to carrotes?) eye cream because those ones are a bit pricey and I haven't had the extra money to shell out for one for now, but I'd definitely repurchase both.

they use more natural ingredients so it's not like you are putting a ton of chemicals in such a sensitive area. I would definitely recommend them.
I'm 21 and i've been using eye creams since I was 18.

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I just recently tried the Algenist eye cream and it's amazing! Try it, you'll love it! It can highly recommended by the experts at my local Sephora. 

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I like Korres' Eye Cream.  Origins Starting Over with Mimosa is another good one.  Neither are heavy and can be worn under makeup, which tells you they're not greasy or irritating.


BTW, you're WISE, WISE, WISE to use an eye cream in your 20s!!!

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