Best GENTLE eye cream for under eye puffs/wrinkles?
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I am only 23 years old, and do not have any wrinkles on my face but I suppose I have some minor sun damage near my eyes. I am guessing this because my skin around my eyes looks pretty fine when I have a straight face, but when I smile a problem arises.

Whenever I smile, I have puffy bags/wrinkles under my eyes and if the lighting is even remotely bad, I look years older in photos. I have been using Clinique All About Eyes but it really just hydrates the skin and doesnt do much else.

I have heard anti-aging eye serums and creams can be kind of damaging/intense on sensitive younger skin around the eyes, but I am desperate to get rid of that bag under my eyes!

Can someone PLEASE recommend a gentle (or just not too harsh) eye cream for this issue?! I'm just so sick of it Smiley Sad Thank you!


P.S. the photo is not me, it is from google images, but it is an accurate picture of what my eyes look like when smiling.

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