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BB Creams?

I've been wanting to try BB Creams but don't know if it's worth it. For those of you who have tried it, what do you think of it? Also,  which one would you recommend over others? Finally, how pale do you have to be to wear a BB cream? Doesn't really have anything to do with Sephora but I would appreciate your help. ThanksSmiley Happy

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i've only tried the missha varieties, but so far they are the best thing i have ever used for my skin! they go on easily and cover well, though you can get ones with more or less coverage. i love that i can just use that as my foundation and nothing else! the only thing i would say is if you do use it make sure your skin is well moisturized before you put it on, even though they are like a moisturizer in their consistency, if your skin is at all dry it will just look weird and flaky. but if your skin is moisturized, then it will look great Smiley Happy i will probably never go back to regular foundation ever again. plus they're pretty affordable! mine lasts multiple months at a time and they usually only cost 20-30ish dollars for a tube. 

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