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I have some acne scars on my cheeks and would like to get rid of them instead of having to cover them with foundation everday. I have tried exfoliating and it just isn't working, i need something more. I have fair and sensative skin which makes my search a little harder. Does anyone know of a good product that will not iritate skin and won't cost too much?

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hi i would suggest a whitening/brightening line. This concept is very popular in the asian skincare market. these are not bleaching ingredients nor will they "burn off a layer of skin" to reveal smooth skin. they use different plant ingredients to help with pigment, dark spots, etc.


some brands that have whitening/brightening line in the US are: shiseido white lucent, clarins bright plus. Dior snow, Clinique Derma white (airport), works better than the even better serum.


it is also important to use good spf product and using it separately from face cream is best. face cream spf are 1.low in spf 2.strong odor 3.usually sticky/shiny and 4.reduces effectiveness of face cream ingredients. i suggest: clarins bright plus spf40, amore pacific natural protector spf30, clinique derma white super city block spf40, iqqu beauty advanced sunscreen spf50



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Hi C0urtn3ylynn3. For sensitive skin, I would recommend trying Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.  It will help fade the discoloration and even out your skin tone over time. 

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector;jsessionid=0RN5O4WMO10CCCV0KQRRPIQ?id=P257535&categoryId...

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