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As part of my skin care resolution this year I've been making every effort to clean my face at night before bed.  I thought I was doing good by using face cleansing wipes which I follow with skincare products.  I use my Clarisonic in the morning while I shower and then of course SPF moisturizer and makeup.  I was reading an article in a magazine lately that mentioned makeup wipes as the "lazy girl's" method that should only reserved for those nights when you are too tired to do anything else.  Should I be doing a better job at night cleansing my face? What works for y'all?
So since I left high school (and had to spend summers working inside instead of outside swimming), I haven't been tan. At first I was okay, I do like my pale skin. But I'm really starting to miss that glowing, tan skin I used to have during the summer. Problem is, I don't have the time, patience, or location to go tan outside, and I don't want to go to a salon and lay in a tube. So I've decided to try out self tanner.   Problem is, I'm not really sure where to start. I know a lot of people recommend St Tropez, and I am interested in that. I'm just a little nervous about dropping around $40 for something I haven't ever done before. I've also read good things about Tarte's Brazilliance, and I like that I can use that on the face.   So, does anyone have any recommendations for a good self tanner to try? Are there any good tanners that have travel size versions that will actually cover my entire body? Are there any general tips I should know before I apply self tanner for the first time? Thanks everyone!
Ok, so I may or may not be panicking a little but I was putting on PTR retinol PM serum today and discovered red dots on the dropper. I tried wiping it with a kleenex (sprayed with alcohol to sanitize) and the red dots are INSIDE the dropper and I only use it right after I wash my hand, so I don't think it's from my skin contact? I could be wrong, it could be harmless, but it's pretty noticeable and I'm creeped out. Any ladies using PTR retinol PM? or have any idea what it is? does it have anything to do with retinol??? I just noticed it after I put the serum on. Not happy T.T
I have really bad skin. I need help with trying to clear my skin up because I have lots of acne. Also I have some what oily skin but I have dry patches. What skin product can help and make up products?
Hello, ladies (and possible gents)!   So, I'm wondering how can I even out my skin tone. I have blotchy, discolored skin - lighter in some areas than others, and even after putting foundation and powder on, you can still tell that the color is a bit uneven.   It also makes my blush appear reeeally blotchy and uneven and that bothers me to no end. Is there some sort of trick for this??   Also, for those of you who have breakouts and/or acne scarring on your cheeks, how do you conceal the area without rubbing the concealer off when putting on blush and highlighter, etc.? This doesn't happen when I conceal other parts of my face, but I think it may be due to the fact that my scars are so dark.  
I'm 41, and have really oily skin due to a medical condition. My skin is also extremely sensitive, and I'm allergic to petroleum/petrolatum, lanolin, eucalyptus, menthol and beeswax. I'm trying to find a moisturizer or foundation with high SPF, that won't oxidize or leave me feeling like an oil slick. Any ideas?
I was wondering if there is a sunscreen product that I can spray on my head that will not make my hair look greasy. I know that a hat is a good solution, but i don't always have one handy, nor do I like the way I look with a hat on..
I have some discoloration on my back due to a very bad sunburn. Nothing has helped to make it go away. Anyone have any suggestions as to what to use? 
I have hereditary dark under eye circles and my skin runs dry. I am starting to have dull skin and I have included a pic of me with no makeup on. I know scary right! No not the pic but no makeup pic on the internet. I do not have major skin issues but it seems when I go into Sephora store and get color matched, I enjoy whatever they put on me. I end up buying it come home and put it on next day and boom it doesn't look as good. I cannot figure why my foundation looks like craip and as for the under eyes nothing seems to help at all.I think at one point if I could figure out a good under eye regimen then maybe i could get away with just that and a light BB cream or CC cream. I have tried Shisedo and I currently use ole Hendrickson cleanser to wash my face. I do like the Shisedo however it doesn't and wont truly correct the dark circles. I am so lost in this makeup world and I wish there was a company you could go to to sit down and address your makeup concerns and they teach you properly how to apply makeup and give you a rock solid routine for your skin type. Man what a great business idea. Anyways do you have any recommendations or anyone for that matter for my nude face with dark circles?? Please Help!!      
No matter how hard I try I can never achieve truly flawless skin. As soon as I get close, I end up getting a pimple or a blackhead that leaves an ugly, dark scar. As much as I love makeup, concealer and whatnots...I really would like to take fresh face pictures.    I would love to hear what you beauties use to help you during those hormonal phases so that you can keep flawless skin? I'm in my 30s and I've decided to try birth control pills just in an effort to achieve flawless skin. 
I'm tired of getting my hands dirty from a facial mask! So what's a good facial mask brush? Should I look drugstore or Sephora?  EDIT: I have a really small head and face... 
I'm getting married in about 2 months and I'm looking for a good skincare regimen that I can do for the next 60days to help improve my skins oiliness, dark circles, anti aging and visible pores. It's my wedding and I want perfectly flawless skin on my wedding day, can someone please recommend a great skincare product for me?
I was researching a few products from Perricone, and I was hoping to get opinions from anyone that has tried the skincare line.  I've never used any Perricone products before, and my main skin concerns are fine lines, enlarged pores, and occasional breakouts.    Listed below is what I'm currently interested in trying.    Please let me know any thoughts on the products I listed, or if anyone has any other recommendations (either from Perricone or another brand).   Thanks!  
How do I know if the SPF in a moisturizer or foundation is powerful enough to protect my skin from the sun? I use a separate moisturizer with SPF 30 and I don't rely on foundation as my only source of sun protection   On Beautypedia, Paula and her team rates some foundations, BB creams, etc. as poor because it doesn't provide sufficient protection, even if it has SPF. I know that she isn't very well liked on BT and some of the sources that she uses are from the early 2000s.    Help?    
I'm not someone who ever tans and I rarely use self tanner. However my face looks about a shade darker than the rest of my body with my makeup on (I can't find any medium coverage foundation that is light enough that I like. I'm considering trying Urban Decay's Naked Skin). So I used some self tanner. Unfortunately I did this right before bed and forgot to wash it off my hands. Well it turned my palms a dark bronze color. In between my fingers looks like I was eating a chocolate Popsicle and it dripped down and dried. I've washed and scrubbed but so far it might have only lightened it a shade. I tried scrubbing, hydrogen peroxide, and toothpaste (I read that on the internet). Any ideas? I used the Malibu Hemp Golden Glow. 
I've seen a lot of people on here say that using a face oil can actually help reduce oil production for oily skin. Does it work? I'm really tempted to try it for the summer. Also, is coconut oil safe for the face? I've seen articles say that coconut oil has many uses (hair, nails, cooking), but I ran across an article that said it can clog pores. What do you think?
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I'm going to an affair next month and am wearing a sleeveless dress & sandals.  Any fave self tanner recs? Thanks!!
I'm 33, have Light to Med. skin tone & Semi-Senitive Skin. I have been using Clinique All About Eye's & the Repair Wear Laser Focus Cream for years now. I just started using a concealer again (the Tarte waterproof ) but it is too dry for my under eye skin. SO, I bought the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer & I tried it yesterday AND still have dry looking skin under my eye's (just not as bad) ! Looked like I had put concealer OVER poweder?! So what my 1st NEED is A GOOD, HYDRATING, EYE CREAM/TREATMENT! ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?   My 2ND NEED IS ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A SLEEPING MASK FOR HYDRATION & VITAMINS (maybe cell turn over too). (I'm digging the natural stuff since I have tried some of the oil's & Origins Nature's Dermabrasion, just an FYI but don't have to be!) *I have spoke w/ the Sephora Beauty Consultants & Origin's as well. Just a hard decision to make & wanted / NEEDED some opinions from the gal's who know what's up!   BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR 4/5 DAY'S AND SOOO MANY HR.'S I'M SO OVER IT! PLEASE HELP AS SOON AS POSSABLE!   Thanks Ladies & Gent's (:  
I have a sister who is 10 and my mom and I are taking her to disney world at the end of April beginning of May. I have extremely fair skin and I cant tan at all. Of course I'm going to be using a bb cream with SPF over 30 (most likely smashboxx or the New benefit bb cream) But even they say you need to reapply sunscreen through out the day. I usually spend all day inside and all my time outside is usually in my car. If I spend time outside I make sure it's no more then 3 hours. This however is going to be hours outside in the sun. Would a powder work for me to prevent my fair whiteness to lobster red? Or should I look for an actual spray to spray over my make up without messing it up? I should also mention that I have combo acne prone skin. My chin and between my eyes gets really oily but around my nose is super dry.
Do you agree with her views on skincare products?  I'm on a hunt for my Summer night serum & moisturizer. I think I'm going to purchase the Perricone Blue Plasma even though it stinks so bad of fish & I hate fish. I've been researching products a lot and one of the sites I was on was Paula's Choice. She is not a fan of the serum... Actually the more I read through her "beautypedia" reviews, it seems like she's not a fan of a lot of products. I also got a feeling she was mainly trying to push her own products and Olay.  Examples:  - She's against treatment cleansers since it's just "washed down the drain". I have to disagree with this. When I use a treatment cleanser, although they can be drying, I do see improvement in my breakouts.  - Witch Hazel is bad. I find witch hazel to be an important ingredient when choosing a toner. She think it's just as bad as alcohol if not worse.    Products she gave a "poor" rating to:  - Anthony Logistic's Glycolic cleanser got a poor rating because it doesn't contain any glycolic acid.  - doctor dennis gross's A/B pads since we can just skip step 2 by simply splashing water on our face to deactivate step 1.  - Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum because it's not a "miracle serum" since it's primarily just "water, slip agents, and alcohol" - ExfoliKate - Just about every Ole Henriksen product I love   - Origins Checks & Balances, Charcoal Mask & every other decent product from them - Most Murad products   I do agree with a few points she makes, like companies need to stop putting active ingredients in clear vials so the sun doesn't break down the properties of the treatment. Also jar packaging is a big no-no for her. I understand that some creams are too thick to be put in a pump, but what about those airless jars that Bosica & Dermadoctor are using? I hate sticking my fingers in jars & the air does break down the active ingredients over time...  Overall though, I don't think I'll be going to her site when I'm researching a new product I want to try. 
I have been using PTR Mega Rich eye cream for years and loved it. I also started using Dr. Perricone Eye lift serum ( I love this) but I have been looking for a change in my cream. I have a terrible habit of sleeping on my side and at 28 I am starting to see the beginning of fine lines (AHHHHH) My face cream that i have been using for years has SPF 30 and I have decided to invest in SuperGoop antiaging spf 37 as my day eye cream. Any reccomendations for night time (thicker cream)? I was thinking Algenist or Kate Somerville. 
I am 58 with hyperpigmentation, dullness and crows feet.  Can you recommend a peel for me?
My skin care issue isn't really oiliness or dryness, it's texture. I have little barely visible bumps all over my face (mostly my chin and forehead). What skincare product should I use to even out the texture of my skin?
Hi, I have a VIB rouge card with points all set up in the store, but when I log into my account online it asks me to become a beauty insider. I'm wondering if there is a way to merge the two so I can take advantage of the perks of being at the rouge level online? Thank you
Hi ladies,    I used to use aAlgenist eye cream. I noticed a weird wrinkle on each of my eyes so I stopped using it last week. Shockingly, it's going away. The cream may have been too strong. I picked up two samples: Nude Eye Renewal which is pretty new and Origins Ginzing. Origins got mixed reviews and I can't find anything on Nude. Anyone use it? anyone try both? I'd love to buy one on chic week. Thanks! 
I really want to get one of these to add to my daily routine. I just don't know which one to get. The Foreo Luna is obviously more money up front, but you have to buy replacement heads for the Clarisonic. So in the end the Clarisonic will cost more. Honestly with price aside which one do you ladies like more?
Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for my dark spots left behind by past acne marks? Its all under my chin and sides of my face and nothing seems to work.   I have tried the Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment toner and other similar products but none have helped me.    My skin is oily, I am 19, and I do wear sunscreen to protect the existing spots from getting darker
i really need you girls suggestions, i have sensitive, acne-prone, and combination skin, oily on t-zone but super dry on cheeks. i also have tons of blackhead, especially on my nose. i've tried my sister's mia 2 with sensitive brush every night, i does cleans my skin well, but the blackhead is still there, so i think the deep pore brush will do better with my blackheads, but sometimes even the sensitive brush is still kinda harsh for my sensitive and dry cheeks. i've heard that Luna is better for sensitive skin people, but i want the deep cleansing too to get rid of my blackhead which is clarisonic that i think will do better. so what do you think? which one that i should buy?   sorry for my english, but thankss
On my nose I have big pores and they seem to be filled with white heads or dirty, how do I get smaller clean pores. I also have big pores on my inner cheeks. HELP!!!!!!!!! I also have uneven tone on my face!