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I am looking for an awesome treatment to use in my skin care routine to help fight redness. I have been using the Clinique foundation which covers my redness almost to the point where I look like a ghost! I just want something that is actually to help my problem, not just mask it!   
I thought I'd start a thread for people to post issues they're having with their skin that relate to dermatitis, reactions to certain products, skin allergies, and similar issues. I think having a central thread may help for sharing ideas and learning from each other.   I have super sensitive skin myself but have been on BT long enough to see that practically everyone has had a skin reaction to some product or another and sometimes sharing with others really helps narrow down the cause and solution. This thread isn't meant to be a place to post about the more common skin issues such as minor acne, wrinkles, etc. that we all experience, but rather a place to post about the more unusual ones relating to specific products/ingredients or longer term ones that are not related to age or hormones such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, and just the puzzling things that our skin does from time to time.   I'm not an skincare expert by any means and unless someone asserts that he or she is one, this thread is more of a place to share ideas and experiences rather than a place to seek definitive answers or treatment.    Other helpful threads: Bite Beauty allergic reactions: llergic-Reactions/td-p/2413760
Hi! I am looking to try new skin care products, and I am unsure whether I should try the DRUNK ELEPHANT AHA Moment set or the SUNDAY RILEY Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit...maybe both? (perhaps that's excessive? lol)   For reference I am 25 with combo/dry sensitive skin that is ALSO acne prone (sigh) I have few hyper-pigmentation spots and dry patches. I currently use a retinoid serum and different mild AHA/BHA toners.      
Is there any product or scrub that smooths upper lip wrinkles.
I bought three different 24k Donna Bella products from Hautelook recently because I thought it was a much less expensive way to try the brand.       I tried one of the products the other night - the 24k Deep Facial Peeling.  It left an awful gum residue on my face that actually balled up and got stuck on every facial hair on my lower jaw/chin area.  I had to use alcohol to remove it.  I am wondering if Hautelook sold expired or bad product?  It is also a non-returnable final-sale item, and Hautelook is refusing to take it back.      Has anyone else tried this product?  If so, does it really do this, or did I get a bad product? I am now afraid to try the other products I bought because I have to wonder about their freshness/authenticity. Thanks!
Hi there! Looking for some recommendations for my Mum. She is in her late sixties and is looking for a great skincare routine. Especially seeking recommendations for: -moisturizing -with SPF -minimizing/slowing future wrinkles I have recommended Josie Maran daily argan moisturize (which I use and love!) but keen to see if there are any other suggestions out there. She currently uses Ole Henriksen vitamin C moisturizer.   Thx in advance
Hi! I'm looking for a daily cleanser. I don't wear makeup so not looking for something that focuses on removing makeup. I have a scrub I use 3 times a week to exfoliate, but am lacking a daily face wash. 21 and have combination skin. I get the occasional big spot but mainly small bumps under my skin - which I think is congestion. But it means the texture of my skin isn't smooth all over. I recently bough Sunday Riley ceramic slip but haven't noticed an improvement in my skin
hi  I wont mask for dry skin and good for blackheads 
hi my name is lily and my skin is a mess. I have super dry skin but am also incredibly acne prone. I don't have cystic acne but more of black heads and the occasional big bump. I really need some thing that is going to help my dryness and my acne. I currently use Clinique liquid mild face soap followed by neutrogena alcohol free toner, then Estée Lauder advanced nightwear repair serum and the lowest strength tretonoin on the market. This combo is ok but I still feel like there is something better out there that could help me! my morning routine is the same cleanser followed by the Clinique even better sunscreen/moisturizer. I would really appreciate any and all rreccomendations!!!!  
Hi, I'm currently 4 week pregnant. This is my skincare routine since before pregnancy: Morning: Ole Henriksen african red tea foaming cleanser Fresh black tea aged delay infusion toner Shiseido future solution eye cream Fresh rose hydrating gel cream Tart bb cream Night: Ole Henriksen african red tea foaming cleanser Fresh black tea aged delay infusion toner May Coop raw sauce Shiseido future solution eye cream Clinique custom repair serum Fresh rose hydrating gel cream Question 1: Is there anything not safe on my list for pregnancy? Question 2: If they're not, can I switch to Bare Minerals prime time, Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye cream, Fresh peony brightening essence, Dior hydra life bb cream? Sorry for the long post
I have very sensitive skin that tends to react to every sunscreen I try. Can anyone recommend any?
Ok, so let me try to explain thoroughly so that people can provide accurate help!  I currently have a lovely skincare regime including products from Peter Thomas Roth and Algenist, however my cleanser(s) are Tatcha and mask(s) are Glamglow.  I also wear a primer before my foundation (Cane+Austin) and am currently using UD's naked skin foundation.  I drink enough water each day, and I do not over exfoliate (I do it maybe 2-3 times a week).  I have normal skin (well, or so I thought) with slight oil in the t zone during the summer, and fully normal in the winter (however I have dry cheeks in the winter).  I have noticed that my chin has tiny under-skin bumps as well, like they are ALWAYS there, and sometimes they turn into zits.  Not sure if that's relevant or not.  I also have been using UD's setting spray as well, and oh yes Laura Merciers setting powder.   If anyone has ANY suggestions of what I can do, please help! The photo below shows my issues, and it only seems to happen on my chin, around my nose and also around the top of my forehead.  
A few years ago, I had an abscessed tooth which was bad enough, but after that was taken care of, there was what looks like a little pouch under my eye and on top of my cheekbone. It's about an inch long and looks a little like an undereye bag, but it's in the wrong place. Nothing I do makes it go away, which is my first choice. And even makeup doesn't cover it well, which I would settle for. Any suggestions?
Hello, I am 64 years old..and I have wasted so much money on eye products...most  promise to help remove the puffiness under my eyes..I know that surgery is the only way to really remove the it... but is there a product that  if used over a period of time ... really would work to help l the puffiness under my eyes  and even help  the eyelids to tighten up.?  thank you for your help   pam. 
Hey so I've been really into trying to incorporate different products into my routine, but Its really confusing to understand which order you're supposed to use them in. At the moment, I only use a cleanser and exfoliator but would like to add brightening products into my night time routine.   I see a lot of things for toners, emulsifiers, and moisturizers; Is there a general order for these things to be put on? I usually wash and exfoliate my face at night, but I'm not even sure if some of these things are more for the day... Basically, what are these other things exactly, and after your face is clean and free of extra make up and cell debris, what order should you be using them in?
I have rosacea and am looking for cleansers, moisturizers and makeup that is recommended and/or used by fellow rosacea women. Thanks Alison
  I don't even know where to start...... my skin has always been very smooth and normal until recently. I am 32 and it seems that over the last few months my skin has gone NUTS!! I have these little tiny under the skin bumps that have popped up and will not go away. They aren't pimples but more like an under the skin rash or allergic reaction. They do not itch or bother me at all other than I can't stand the way they look or how they've changed the texture of my skin. Other than this problem I just have the typical problems someone my age would have: beginning signs of aging such as fine lines, larger pores, uneven skin tone/texture, and an oily T-zone. I'm not sure what I'm using that is causing or contributing to the issue so I think I'm going to change my skincare and foundation (I currently use Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation). After reading about the issues I'm having I would love some input from you guys. Any and all suggestions on products that I should try would be greatly appreciated. This picture is terrible and I hate it because it's like I'm living in someone else's skin but I wanted to post it so you could see what I'm dealing with here Thanks guys!!
I really adore Korres Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum and I just got done using a full sized container but I dont think I can afford to put down another $98 for another bottle. Is there anything that is as lightweight and an elixir/serum I can put underneath my moisturizer and not so expensive? Or at least a different brand to try something new?
Hey everyone! My skin has decided to take on multiple personalities as of late and I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions? I lean towards dry but my pores, especially on my cheeks and nose have been getting large and clogged a lot recently (this has never actually been a problem for me), as well as getting breakouts on my chin. Unfortunately I'm quite sensitive and allergic to coconut, which really limits my!
Hello all. I used to have mild acne and now I experience the occasional pimple, but I never notice my skin getting better because I always seem to be waiting on old red spots (and new ones) to disappear. My natural face shows old acne scars, pesky red spots, an uneven complexion and a few broken capillaries around my nose. I imagine it can be attributed to the history I had with mild acne, being fair skinned and sun exposure. I need a good product that can bring an all over and more healthy even looking skin and tone so I can stop covering up so much with make up.    Help!
I tried to find a thread dedicated to this, but was unsuccessful.  I want to hear what you use to remove your makeup!  I feel like this step can sometimes be tossed aside but it is very important.   I currently use AmorePacific Oil cleanser.  I have sampled other oils and always come back to this one.  I really like omorovicza thermal cleansing balm but not the price.   So please share, what is your favorite method?  Is it a wipe, an oil, milk, etc?  How do you feel about it?    
I am looking for an eye cream that can help with redness and puffiness around and under my eyes. I have had bad allergies lately and my eyes are looking red and irritated. I hope to find something that can help with the red and maybe brighten my eyes up a little bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi! Can anyone recommend a Glycolic acid toner that's free of salicylic acid and alcohol? I'm currently using the Anthony Glycolic wipes, but only 30 come in a pack and I use them twice/day, so it's not cost effective. I'd love to find a regular Glycolic toner, but everything that I've found either has salicylic acid too (which breaks me out) or bad alcohols (which dry me out).    Thanks so much! 
I have normal skin and some acne on my chin and forehead I am trying to clear up. I wear a lot of makeup almost everyday and because of it my skin occasionally feels like its gross and clogged up from all the products. Is there anything that will help my skin to feel more clean and refreshed and get rid of all the gunk in my skin?
I have used hydrocortisone cream for years on my eyes to treat eczema, since I was a little kid. Now that Im getting older I have realized the side effects of hydrocortisone used for a prolonged time and want to prevent thinning and repair my skin.  I am basically looking for a hydrating eye cream that will assist with this if it even exists lol, not sure if thats asking too much but I have no idea where do even begin there are so many eye creams! Thanks 
I want something that is good for black heads but I don't like any of the scrub-and-wipe kind of products, because I feel like it doesn't do anything for me. I would really like to find something that you would apply and wait for it to dry so that you can peel it afterwards.