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Am having an interesting experience. Three days ago my lips were tingling, itchy, I kept biting them and ended up with swelling. The really itchy part is at the corners and mostly the bottom lip exterior lip line.   Day 1, tingling, itchy, but also a rash (not itchy) up the front of my neck. day 2, yesterday, swollen lips, I was kind of ungraceful speaking. Still itchy. Day 3, today, much better, itchy but not quite as bad.   have narrowed it down to a few possibilities. One, a vit C serum I had used two days in a row, issue happened on the second day, maybe it got too close to my lips? Two, I used a lipstick I had not worn in a while, but I haven't had issues with previously (or the brand). Three, I was helping someone move and was handling basement boxes in a dusty environment, I could tell mold and mildew were around, and I do remember trying to scratch my lips without using dirty hands (used my sleeves) while moving boxes.   friends have told me lips often mean a food allergy but not sure what it could be, my diet is consistent. Anyone else have similar issues and figure out what it was?
hi i have really bad dark circles under my eyes im wondering if there is a cream to reduce the red and purple im looking for a fixing product not a covering product like conceler let me know thanks
pc clinical
Can anyone recommend a toner that helps calm redness?  I've managed to tame a lot of my rosacea with my skin care routine but would like to find a toner that helps as well. Thanks!
Hi, I'm more frustrates by my facial skin. In recent years, I can not find "MIRACLE" cream which helps my skin was dehydrated through the day. In fact, I always feel (specially to temperature change, inside and outside) of sebum on my skin and a feeling of discomfort, tightness especially the knowledge level forehead and cheeks. I know my skin need water and hydration. So I try Caudalie products (serum ,day cream) serum is a very good, my skin drank immediately the product, but the cream is nothing changed . After i try the gel-cream Fresh but I would have put in three times a day. So I go with Josie Argan Serum .. for now I do not see any difference but that is less than a month . For the cream i was advised to try Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus, but my skin beginning more to tug and dry me Help please
Anyone have any good recommendations for masks that you can actually feel working?   I love peels and skin care that I actually feel like its doing a difference.  I don't want my face to fall off but I like to feel the product working.  I love vitamin c products and I LOVED the REN Glycol mask but now I feel like it doesn't do much for my skin.    My skin is dry, I get clogged pores around my nose and some blackheads on my forehead.  I am looking for products to give me a brightening and smoothing effect.     I've already ordered the new Glam Glow Mask and am looking into the PTR pumpkin mask!    Products I've loved already:   Origins Charcoal Mask - use it monthly  PTR 24k Mask - need to buy this one again for follow up to exfoliating mask REN Glycolic Mask - not working much anymore Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Peels Extra Strength - use weekly
I've noticed a lot of facial oils on people want lists (for sales, for wish list).  And, amazingly many of the most coveted are around $100 and sold out on the Sephora site.  Sephora's selection of face oils also seems to have grown a lot over the past 6 to 8 months.   So, which face oils are people loving and why?  How are you using them?  They seem to work for both dry and oily skin but are certain ones seeming to work better with specific skin types?   Thanks!
Hello all, I am 29 years old and my skin is pretty oily especially this time of the year. I want to know which one of these two DDG products will be better for the acne scars/brown spots on my cheeks? (I do not have active acne) ening-solution-P375269?skuId=1450881 or ening-serum-P184113?skuId=1014455 I appreciate your feedback and experiences of using either product. Thank you, Aaks
I'm having an issue with sunscreen. I am using the MD Solar Sciences sunscreen SPF 50 and the Biore Aqua Gel sunscreen SPF 50. My problem is that even when I used these sunscreens, I still seem to be getting sun spots on my face. Has anyone experience this? I apply sunscreen in the morning, drive to the gym and come back home (around 8:00 am.), then drive to work at around noon or 1:00 pm.....that is as much sun as I'm getting. Is there a sunscreen that really works against protecting skin really well. I've heard that European or Asian sunscreens are better than American sunscreens. I prefer something that is light and doesn't have a greasy feeling. Your help would be much appreciated  
Hello,   I've been reading on the ewg skin deep report 2014 that vitamin A exposed to sunlight damages skin cells, however I've noticed some cosmetic brands including sunscreens still contain retinyl palmitate. I'm curious to know if anyone has come across any recent skincare research.  I like to stay updated, though I don't always browse the research sites.
Hi everyone! I purchased a Clarisonic about 2 years ago. It has the normal brush head. I initially used it once a day for 3 months then backed off to 3 or 4 times a week for 4 months. I never noticed any improvement or change in my skin. If anything, I thought my acne was slightly worse and my skin felt rougher. Basically, it has sat unused in my bathroom for a year. Now that there are lots of new brush heads available, I am wondering if I should try another brush head and give the Clarisonic a second chance    I have oily-combination skin. My chin/forehead is oily and I typically have 1-2 whiteheads especially around that time of the month. My temples and nose are dry. I am 30, and have the beginning of some tiny brown sun spots that are fading nicely with OH truth serum. I also have some unevenness to my skin tone. Any advice on what brush head to try? Or do you suggest I give up on it? I would like to know others' experience with it as well!   TIA!
I have very sensitive skin and I'm looking for a medium/full coverage foundation that will not irritate my skin. In the past, a lot of the sensitive skin products I tried only gave me light coverage and did not last during the daytime. Also, what are some good brands to shop from for general beauty products if you have sensitive skin?
I bought three different 24k Donna Bella products from Hautelook recently because I thought it was a much less expensive way to try the brand.       I tried one of the products the other night - the 24k Deep Facial Peeling.  It left an awful gum residue on my face that actually balled up and got stuck on every facial hair on my lower jaw/chin area.  I had to use alcohol to remove it.  I am wondering if Hautelook sold expired or bad product?  It is also a non-returnable final-sale item, and Hautelook is refusing to take it back.      Has anyone else tried this product?  If so, does it really do this, or did I get a bad product? I am now afraid to try the other products I bought because I have to wonder about their freshness/authenticity. Thanks!
Hi all, would anyone have a good recommendation to reduce the appearance of rosacea on the cheeks? I am looking to get something for my mom she is 46 and has great skin otherwise. It's combination with an oily T-zone. She mostly uses lancome, clinique and clarins in her daily routine, as well as the vivier vit c and peptides serum. Thanks for any suggestions!
hi! i was wondering if someone could recommend me a good night cream/oil/treatment that will help with the texture on my skin? its annoying because foundation doesn't sit well on it, and i have no idea where to start! i just want it to go away, it's little bumps all over my skin! thanks!
Hello Sephora i was wondering if u guys could do teen makeup classes where teens could learn about their skin and how to take care of it and whats good for the skin and bad thank you
So I'm looking for a light-to-medium coverage foundation that won't irritate my skin. I currently use a BB cream by Maybelline that's okay, but I wouldn't mind spending more on a product that doesn't irritate my skin. I also wonder if adding a primer would hurt or help in my situation...
I've just started using it. I use licorice, vitamin A, and vitamin C. So far so good. The A is helping my under eyes not look so puffy and wrinkled.   Items are often oos so it is being bought. I'm curious about others experience. Do you use the whole line? Is anything a stand out star? Do you mix all three in the bigger bottle or just on your hand?   I tend to do it on my hand but that's getting old.  
I don't have a problem with my under-eye area..but I  noticing my kids are starting to sag a bit. I'm only 30 but my mother has really droopy kids so I'd like to start using something to combat it now. Any recommendations would be great!
Kindly advice on how to use my membership to gain points.  thank you. ...... Monja
At rest, my under-eyes are relatively normal-- no puffiness or bags, very minimal dark circles. However, when I smile, they immediately puff up and make me look incredibly tired, no matter how much I sleep. I've tried everything-- drinking up to a gallon of water a day, sleeping 8+ hours, allergy sprays (thinking it was my allergy issues flaring up), cold spoons, and tons of products. I'm really self-conscious in photos now and I'm getting married soon so I'd like to get a handle on this if possible!   I've tried Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye, both the Garnier/FAB rollers, Clarins eye gel, Origins Ginzing, MAC Fast Response, and I'm currently using Fresh Lotus Eye Gel, which has done absolutely nothing for me and I'm considering returning it since it was not cheap. Are there any other suggestions? I was thinking of going with the Ole Henriksen eye gel next, but I'm sick of wasting $ on products if this is an issue that cannot truly be corrected.
I've been growing out my bangs and noticed the other day, when wearing a headband, that the skin on my forehead near the hairline above my temples is flakey.   My face/foundation would be nearly flawless except right there - where it looks scaley.  Has anyone else experienced this?  What causes it and what can I do to treat it?  I have a pretty good skincare regime (don't think I'm missing any steps), so any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thx!
My mom has some dark brown patches on her forehead and one on her cheek. I'm not sure if they are age or sun spots. Her skin looks good for her age. Very few wrinkles, no acne etc  My mom only wears a bit of powder and lipstick. Washes her face with soap and water (not into makeup, skin care). She would like a product to help diminish these spots. Any rec's? Thanks!
40 something with olive skin and much discoloration and scarring. What are some of the best products to try to minimize/fade these marks - or is it even possible? 
Hi all,      I'm wondering if anyone who has the Pedi can chime in with recommendations for their favorite foot cream to pair with it.   I didn't have much success with the cream that came in the foot transformation set (I've had my Pedi for almost a year now)  I really like the dry file and the acid boost product, but the cream itself doesn't work for me to keep my feet soft.      I've tried Bliss' Foot Patrol which was ok, and Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream which I found too greasy.    The best I've come across so far is something called Zim's Crack Creme, but my husband complains every time I have to use it, because it has a very intense clove-like smell.  Since I put it on before bed, the smell soaks into the sheets and he claims he can still smell it hours later.   I tried the search bar, but most convos seem to pertain to the Pedi itself. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!   Thanks.
For a few weeks or so, I've noticed that I have an area on my nose that is red, dry, and slightly bumpy.   Thinking it was just dry skin, I started using ExfoliKate to remove the dead, dry skin, which worked and made the area smoother. However, the redness remained. After trying the moisturizer route (a drop or two of Josie Maran's Argan Oil) and not seeing much difference, I took a more medicinal method and used a Hydrocortisone cream, which helped with the redness.   After using it for a few days, the redness went away. I continued to exfoliate the area once a week for a couple weeks, only to have it come back again.   I have not changed my make up routine or implemented any new products prior to this starting. It appeared seemingly out of the blue.   Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what this is, would could be causing it, or what to do to get it to go away for good? Thanks so much.  
Hello:   I can't decide which moisturizer is better: Lancome Bienfait or Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream. I have oily skin mainly in the t-zone area with breakouts pretty often. I'm 25 years old and I've used Lancome for several years but I've heard many wonderful things about the Bobbi Brown one so I wasn't sure which one was better. If any of you ladies have used these I'd appreciate your opinions!
I'm only 16 and have noticed in the past year or so that I have very visible purple and blue veins under my eyes and very very dark purple/blue tones under my eyes due to that area of my skin being very thin and delicate as well as the fact that I'm a bit pale. I'm so insecure about myself as it makes me look so awful and tired and the veins are quite unsightly. Because of this I feel like no one will ever love me and I'm terrified of going without makeup because I look like a freak. In fact, I never used to notice visible veins under me eyes (maybe I just wasn't looking) and I think maybe the skin has got thinner because I used a lot of concealer in that area? I don't know- all I want to do is get rid of my horrible under eye circles and visible veins but I don't know how. I know you could probably use cosmetic surgery but I really don't want to and my dad got really angry and upset at the possibility. Please help! Is there anyway I could permanently get rid of them for good? I would be so much happier if I did't have to hide my natural skin away under tons of makeup.     
Hello girls,   I would like to have your advice. I want to buy a night cream but I have honestly no idea of which one I should choose. I want something that hydrate my skin.   Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers J