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I bought three different 24k Donna Bella products from Hautelook recently because I thought it was a much less expensive way to try the brand.       I tried one of the products the other night - the 24k Deep Facial Peeling.  It left an awful gum residue on my face that actually balled up and got stuck on every facial hair on my lower jaw/chin area.  I had to use alcohol to remove it.  I am wondering if Hautelook sold expired or bad product?  It is also a non-returnable final-sale item, and Hautelook is refusing to take it back.      Has anyone else tried this product?  If so, does it really do this, or did I get a bad product? I am now afraid to try the other products I bought because I have to wonder about their freshness/authenticity. Thanks!
I have very pale skin and very dark hair. I have been waxing (legs and bikini) for almost a year now and things are not getting better - the hair is not getting thinner, etc. I am seriously considering buying a Tria to try laser hair removal. Anyone have experience with this? The reviews look good but I have to admit I am a little nervous about dropping so much money on something! Also, I get ingrown hairs VERY easily...will that continue with the laser removal or would it eliminate them? Thanks!
Hey guys, so I am taking a math mini-mester now plus I am working about 30 hours a week. I'm in class 9 hours per week plus long nights of homework since an entire semester is being crammed into 4 weeks. I have to wake up super early for class and I'm at work late at night, so I'm not getting enough sleep. My under eye circles are awful to say the least, and I'm breaking out a bit in my T-zone. Is there anything from anywhere that'll help with the stress causing my skin to freak out? My skin is pretty normal, not oily or dry really. It can be from anywhere?! Or any suggestions?
Hi, I am trying to decide between the Tria and the Me Smooth. The most important thing for me is to use it on my face, but I would also like to use whatever I get on my legs. So even if the Me is quicker and easier for legs, if it doesn't work well for the face due to being larger I don't think it would be right for me. Has anyone used the Me for the face? Thanks for your input.
I think its ingrown hair, but not sure.  I naired my legs for the pride festival but now I have bumps on only the front of my thighs. How can I get rid of them fast? I have a photo shoot on the 14th so I need them gone!  I have tried exfoliating and putting unscented lotion on it but nothing seems to work. Help??
I need your help, girls! I really want to reduce the appearance of my pores, but alas, the only thing that works is a silicone based primer. It doesn't break me out or anything, but I don't feel like it's the best thing to wear all day long. Plus, why would I buy high-end moisturizer just to add a layer of silicone on top of it?   So, is there any other alternatives? Maybe microdermabrasion? I have maybe 3 or 4 pores that are really huge on the side of my nose, I heard maybe a dermatologist can stitch them closed. But that would be a little extreme, right ? I already own a Clarisonic that I use maybe 5 times a week.   Your help is much appreciated!
Ello everyone! So, at night i usually wash my face with Olay  Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub, I never tho take my make up off before. My question is, should I? I have lately been having a problem with dry skin between my eyebrow which is very visible once i apply my foundation. Can this be attributed the way I take my make up off? When i first bought it since it took my make up off i never considered using a remover. Thanks guys!!
I have been eyeing Creme de la mer for almost 2 years now, I read up on the history of the creator and what the ingredients are. I've read reviews, the majority of which are in the 4-5 star range, and I've reassessed my skincare needs over and over again. I am finally at the point where I have pretty much used up all the face products I accumulated (Clinique, Perricone, and Shisedio)...I told myself if I waited and used up all my stuff, that I could go ahead and splurge on a LaMer face cream.   So now that I am on the brink of spending a few hundred dollars, I wanted to ask everyone what their opinion is..have you tried it? Know someone who swears by?   I really really want to buy it, but I will only feel good about it if I cover my bases before I do.   Thanks,
Hi all, does anyone supplement their self tan with a gradual tanning lotion like Jergens on days when you don't self tan, or is it over kill? I currently use St. Tropez  2-3 times a week. Just curious! 
I am trying to figure out what scrub will help lift out blackheads. I have them around the nose area and nothing that I have used worked...any suggestions??
I just used one I got in a sample pack and my skin looks amazing, so I ordered 6 haha. How do you use the SK-II masks? What are your experiences with results? Thanks all!
Are there any products that either improve or reverse appearance of skin damage hands/forearms/elbows? (Not from a dermatological procedure or prescription)   After decades of using Chlorhexidine based scrubs/hand washing soaps, alcohol foam...I noticed how my hands/forearms/elbows skin looks very different from the rest of my body.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.      
I'm very intrigued by it, and something called 'dragon blood' sounds like about the strength I need lately. There are no reviews yet, and at $60 for ten, I'm hesitant to just dive right in.    I've never tried their products, so even if you can comment on the general effectiveness of the line, that would be oh so cool and very much appreciated. Thanks! ds-P386014?skuId=1612290
I started self tanning because shorts weather is quickly approaching but I am unsure about how to match my face to the body. I am weary of putting self tanner on my face because I hear it can lead to breakouts and plus I feel like it would rinse off quickly since I use exfoliating toner. Should I buy a self tanner made for the face or buy a darker shade of foundation to match the body?
I recently began using sunscreen (took me long enough!) in my morning routine, and I am thinking maybe I am doing things in the wrong order. Currently, I am using (in this order): face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Then of course primer, foundation, etc. Is this the right order? Or should sunscreen be before moisturizer and/or serum? I have noticed my face looking a little drier since I started using sunscreen daily and that made me wonder if moisturizer should be last instead.
Okay, so I 'm suffering right now as I've been applying a gradual jergens natural glow daily moisturizer to gradually give my skin more colour so I'm not washed out when I wear white. This stuff has the worst "I'm faking a tan" smell. Not pleasant at all but it was $6 and I know it doesn't make me streak. Does anyone have any suggestions for a pleasant smelling self tanner? Is that even something that exists? I can deal with this until the bottle is empty but that won't take long so I'm looking for options.
I have a problem with large pores and blackheads - especially on my nose. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks
Today I noticed that my upper left eyelid, RIGHT in the shape of my every day eyeliner, looks a bit reddish. Could my eyeliner be "staining" my lid? Or is it just irritated? It's really weird because I haven't used any new products...
So, unfortunately for me, I take after my dad and my forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows. He's got several deep wrinkles from this, and I will too eventually. I swear I can feel them forming already (although now I probably have a lovely red spot on my head from rubbing it....)   I'm 24, but is there anything I can do to help prevent these? Is anything topical even effective against something like that, or is botox/surgery after they form my only option?   I'm just afraid I'm going to end up like this...  
What are your favorite products for dark circles/puffiness? I was getting by for a while with the Garnier rollerball but my eyes seem to have worsened lately. I tried MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream which seems to have stopped working as well. I'm already getting 8+ hours of sleep, drinking tons of water, and eating a healthy diet so I'm at a loss as far as what to do about my circles. 
Can anybody help me? I've been having a problem with the skin on my face, it has small bumps all over my face that you can only see in certain lighting. It somewhat looks like an allergic reaction but I have not change anything as far as beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, makeup etc. however the one and only thing I have changed was I took this natural pill called hairfinity for almost a month that was supposedly to help my hair grow faster. Is that what it was from and why has it not gone away? How do I get rid of this for good, because I've had this for months after I stopped taking those pills? Anything please help! Also i clean/ exfoliate every morning and every night as it seems to temporarily " calm down" the appearance of these bumps for a short time.
I'm currently on Accutane, which means sunscreen is a MUST on a daily basis. I'm currently using a Neutrogena sunscreen with SPF50. I know that sunscreen doesn't last forever though, and that you should typically be re-applying every two hours. My question is, how do you reapply over a full-face of make-up? I don't want to add more make-up (foundations/powders with SPF) on top of what I'm already wearing in the middle of the day, so what other methods are there?
Anyone tried Kate Somerville D-Scar roller? The texture of my skin is fine and the skin around my acne scars is clear and glowy. These scars are dark. I use a clarisonic 3 times a week, SK-II Essence 2/day, followed by Sunday Riley's Good Genes, Perricone's Photo plasma for day and Amore Pacific Future Response Creme at night. I always wear loads of sunscreen. Besides Kate Somerville D-Scar roller are there any scar products you recommend?
I've seen a lot of people on here say that using a face oil can actually help reduce oil production for oily skin. Does it work? I'm really tempted to try it for the summer. Also, is coconut oil safe for the face? I've seen articles say that coconut oil has many uses (hair, nails, cooking), but I ran across an article that said it can clog pores. What do you think?
Hi all- Ruelala has a sale today on Lancome skincare- looks mighty tempting, products look to be nearly 20% off!
Hi.. I'm asking a non beauty question, but i really want to find out.. due to a series of un fortunate events i got my last sephora order 6 months late.. i ordered a few acne treatments along with deodorants and other skin care products.. it was stored in a garage can i still use it? or its too harmful to my face now? due to head damage or something like that ? ((
Since my skin has gone crazy sensitive, every sunscreen breaks me out. I've done some reading and it might be because I keep using really high spf (I'm around NW18 so I was used to using high spf or else I'd get completely sunburned), but I can't be sure, since foundation break me out as well so bb creams with a lower spf are out of the question.   So I was wondering what you sensitive skin gals are using for sun protection? I could really use some new suggestions...     Thanks a bunch!
So has anyone had any success in getting rid of stretch marks from having a baby? Is this even possible?
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Hey guys! I have very sensitive, pale skin with slight rosacea (cheeks and chin are pinkish/red) Everything makes me break out...cleansers, lotions, makeup. Everything I use has to be for sensitive skin, oil-free, won't clog pores and so on. Right now I have been using Neutrogena's oil-free face wash in the blue bottle, Neutrogena oil-free lotion, Neutrogena oil-control primer, Sephora's oil-free foundation, Arbonne oil-free green powder (for the redness) and Nars bronzer/blush duo in Orgasm/Laguna. I made the mistake of not checking Nars to see if the blush was oil-free or not, and i'm breaking out. Also a dumb move, I used Loreal Sublime Bronze Mist on my face, and woke up to white heads. Besides for those 2 mishaps, my face still breaks out along my chin and around my mouth. I try not to touch my face or put my cell phone to it. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. A friend suggested I try all natural, organic face stuff and makeup. Any suggestions for a great routine would be great. And an all-natural makeup line too. I don't know of any. Thanks so much!!! And sorry for the long post ;-)