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For as long as I can remember I've had puffy under eyes. I don't really have issues with dark circles as much as general puffiness.   I know it doesn't help that I tend to pound water right before I go to sleep - something I've been doing since I was very little. So I'm willing to accept what that creates but would love any ideas or products that can quickly eliminate under eye puffiness and tighten that skin back up. 
I don't know what to do with my skin.   I'm currently using: - PERRICONE Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser - Eucerin Soothing Repair Creme on my eczema  - ORIGINS Charcoal Mask once or twice a month - ORIGINS Zero Oil™ Lotion on oily areas   I need some help. I'm sick of this. I can't wear makeup because it either flakes (dry areas) or just clumps or melts off (oily areas). I've never found a foundation that has covered the redness either.   What can I do? Anyone else have this or a similar issue? (PS. I can NOT use any Milk Cleansers or anything like that containing milk.)
Is anyone else taking advantage of the 30% off your order with the Ipsy discount code?
I have a few small broken capillaries/spider veins on my face, which I blame mostly because of daily exfoliation with my Clarisonic. I've pretty much stopped using the Clarisonic for 2 months now, but I was wondering if there's anything else I can be doing to help get rid of or minimize them without using concealer or laser. Thanks!
  I have oily/combinational skin with occasional breakouts and big pores.Right now I use Korres milk protein cleanser , c audalie Vinosource  Sorbet  cream ,fab radiance pads some times in a week,kate somerville retasphere once in a week . La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50  (which gives me congested pores and breakouts).Trying to add some serum which can help in evening out my skin tone and decongesting pores and apear them smaller.please help
What make up can you use to get rid of blocky skin? or other skin products?
Hi Ladies!   So sometimes my skin just gets a little itchy or irritated, and I start scratching at it without thinking. Obviously this is bad, especially as I have oily and acne-prone skin. Any suggestions for something to calm the face down? I have combo skin, leaning towards oily as the day goes on. I'd prefer something affordable but am open to all suggestions. Thanks!
I bought three different 24k Donna Bella products from Hautelook recently because I thought it was a much less expensive way to try the brand.       I tried one of the products the other night - the 24k Deep Facial Peeling.  It left an awful gum residue on my face that actually balled up and got stuck on every facial hair on my lower jaw/chin area.  I had to use alcohol to remove it.  I am wondering if Hautelook sold expired or bad product?  It is also a non-returnable final-sale item, and Hautelook is refusing to take it back.      Has anyone else tried this product?  If so, does it really do this, or did I get a bad product? I am now afraid to try the other products I bought because I have to wonder about their freshness/authenticity. Thanks!
hi im 24 year old i have a sensetive skin and its dray and i have dark spots so what do you i have to use ? and i want some thing to reducing wrinkels and ferming
I'm looking for some type of pore minimizer, whether it be a primer, a BB cream, or any other product. Personal opinions are very welcome! I'm looking for a product that isn't too heavy but will minimize the look of large pores. Any sugguestions?!
I was thinking of stocking up on my winter favorites and stumbled upon the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream. This is my HG winter moisturizer, so imagine my surprise when the price was $10 more than the last time I bought it!! There was no product reformulation or packaging as far as I know for the $10 addition. I've seen maybe $1 or $2 increases for other products yearly and usually with a product reformulation, but $10 is a bit steep IMO.   Very disappointed in the kate someville brand for doing that Anybody else have this experience?
What product can you use to get rid of the dark upper lip shadow???
I just recently started washing my face everyday.  It's horrible, but I guess I never had to wash it as much.  Now that I am washing, applying moisturizer, putting on makeup, and then removing it it is a lot for my skin.  I have noticed my skin feels almost oily--but doesn't look oily. I apply moisturizer AM and PM is it being over moisturized? 
I want to start using hydrating facial masks. I hear the *gasps* in horror already when I typed "START USING."   Anyhoo, the reason why I don't use masks is that I have a bad habit of using something, hating it, never to try again. "Masks" in the 70's-80's were like goop that dried, got crunchy, flaked off, paralyzed any facial movements, then ripped off the surface of your skin. Or, a more gentle MASK was like Elmer's School Glue.   I read a little about some Hydrating Masks...they sound like a heavy night cream/moisturizer. Over night & 24 hour mask? It doesn't peel off? See what I mean by the confusion?   Sounds like they redefined "Mask." I guess it applies to whatever you slather on your face, then remove.    What are some really good Hydrating "Masks" that hydrates/treats skin, but doesn't contain anything that exfoliates? (For Mature Skin)
Do you agree with her views on skincare products?  I'm on a hunt for my Summer night serum & moisturizer. I think I'm going to purchase the Perricone Blue Plasma even though it stinks so bad of fish & I hate fish. I've been researching products a lot and one of the sites I was on was Paula's Choice. She is not a fan of the serum... Actually the more I read through her "beautypedia" reviews, it seems like she's not a fan of a lot of products. I also got a feeling she was mainly trying to push her own products and Olay.  Examples:  - She's against treatment cleansers since it's just "washed down the drain". I have to disagree with this. When I use a treatment cleanser, although they can be drying, I do see improvement in my breakouts.  - Witch Hazel is bad. I find witch hazel to be an important ingredient when choosing a toner. She think it's just as bad as alcohol if not worse.    Products she gave a "poor" rating to:  - Anthony Logistic's Glycolic cleanser got a poor rating because it doesn't contain any glycolic acid.  - doctor dennis gross's A/B pads since we can just skip step 2 by simply splashing water on our face to deactivate step 1.  - Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum because it's not a "miracle serum" since it's primarily just "water, slip agents, and alcohol" - ExfoliKate - Just about every Ole Henriksen product I love   - Origins Checks & Balances, Charcoal Mask & every other decent product from them - Most Murad products   I do agree with a few points she makes, like companies need to stop putting active ingredients in clear vials so the sun doesn't break down the properties of the treatment. Also jar packaging is a big no-no for her. I understand that some creams are too thick to be put in a pump, but what about those airless jars that Bosica & Dermadoctor are using? I hate sticking my fingers in jars & the air does break down the active ingredients over time...  Overall though, I don't think I'll be going to her site when I'm researching a new product I want to try. 
I generally have oily skin.  I also have open pores and they get clogged with sebum.  I have tried multiple cleansers and they just don't seem to be able to clean out my pores.  The only way is when i take a "hot shower" and remove it gently with my finger scraping my skin.  I know I shouldn't be doing this but when i put on powder or blush you can see the residue from the clogged pores. I have tried mary kay; 2 different types of cleansers, boscia; 2 different types; etc... I need help. Please advise Thank you'
Does anyone know of a website where I can find the PH levels in skin care? Or of any brands of ph testing strips that are good? My skin has gone through some medical changes lately and the PH balance of my skin if just all over the place.
ok this is going to probably be a really slow question to ask on a beauty thread , because i should probably already know and all that buuuttttt.... how do you tell if you have oily,dry,or combination skin ? When I'm shopping for foundation and they ask I'm usually just like i don't know but it does not seem like anyone can help me I know sometimes i get oily but not all the time so I'm just really confused >.< so guyss how can i tell ( sorry again for the dumb question lol) 
My Dr's office has infrared saunas and I was wondering if anyone here has used them.  What does it feel like?  How long did you use one and did you see any benefits?   For those will ask, infrared saunas are supposed to: - remove toxins through increased circulation and sweating - burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging - clears cellulite - reduces stress and fatigue - improves acne and appearance of wrinkles
I've finished my jar of the Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment a few weeks ago and am still hesitating whether to rebuy it or not. I really like the Kiehls one to use under makeup as it hydrates my eye area and makes the fine lines under my eyes less noticeable and the fact that it doesn't irritate my eyes if I put it too close. I've been using the Algenist Eye Renewal Balm and have noticed that my eye area looks dry when makeup is applied over top. Should I just go back to Kiehls or maybe try another eye cream? Another one I am considering of getting is the Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream since it does have the word "hydrating" in its name. 
I'm almost 26, have normal, sometimes blemish-prone skin, and have just developed my first sun spot on my cheek, near my nose and have been battling a dark patch on my upper lip for a while now as well. I exfoliate daily/every other day with Origins Instant Brightening pads & I use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, and that combo seems to work well for acne marks, but not doing much good to my new sun spot or my "mustache"... Any recommendations on products to treat these issues? Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I'm 25. Always wanted flawless looking face. I'd say my skin /skin tone is just off. It's not as smooth and even as I'd like it. Looking for products so help perfect my skin and good makeup for glowing skin! I always go for more of a fresh face look.. Bb cream doesn't do the trick!
I knoW to cleanse before mask but not sure whether to use toner after cleanse or mask
I have very pale skin and very dark hair. I have been waxing (legs and bikini) for almost a year now and things are not getting better - the hair is not getting thinner, etc. I am seriously considering buying a Tria to try laser hair removal. Anyone have experience with this? The reviews look good but I have to admit I am a little nervous about dropping so much money on something! Also, I get ingrown hairs VERY easily...will that continue with the laser removal or would it eliminate them? Thanks!
Hey guys, so I am taking a math mini-mester now plus I am working about 30 hours a week. I'm in class 9 hours per week plus long nights of homework since an entire semester is being crammed into 4 weeks. I have to wake up super early for class and I'm at work late at night, so I'm not getting enough sleep. My under eye circles are awful to say the least, and I'm breaking out a bit in my T-zone. Is there anything from anywhere that'll help with the stress causing my skin to freak out? My skin is pretty normal, not oily or dry really. It can be from anywhere?! Or any suggestions?
Hi, I am trying to decide between the Tria and the Me Smooth. The most important thing for me is to use it on my face, but I would also like to use whatever I get on my legs. So even if the Me is quicker and easier for legs, if it doesn't work well for the face due to being larger I don't think it would be right for me. Has anyone used the Me for the face? Thanks for your input.
I think its ingrown hair, but not sure.  I naired my legs for the pride festival but now I have bumps on only the front of my thighs. How can I get rid of them fast? I have a photo shoot on the 14th so I need them gone!  I have tried exfoliating and putting unscented lotion on it but nothing seems to work. Help??
I need your help, girls! I really want to reduce the appearance of my pores, but alas, the only thing that works is a silicone based primer. It doesn't break me out or anything, but I don't feel like it's the best thing to wear all day long. Plus, why would I buy high-end moisturizer just to add a layer of silicone on top of it?   So, is there any other alternatives? Maybe microdermabrasion? I have maybe 3 or 4 pores that are really huge on the side of my nose, I heard maybe a dermatologist can stitch them closed. But that would be a little extreme, right ? I already own a Clarisonic that I use maybe 5 times a week.   Your help is much appreciated!