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Infrared Saunas
My Dr's office has infrared saunas and I was wondering if anyone here has used them.  What does it feel like?  How long did you use one and did you see any benefits?   For those will ask, infrared saunas are supposed to: - remove toxins through increased circulation and sweating - burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging - clears cellulite - reduces stress and fatigue - improves acne and appearance of wrinkles
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tria v. me smooth
Hi, I am trying to decide between the Tria and the Me Smooth. The most important thing for me is to use it on my face, but I would also like to use whatever I get on my legs. So even if the Me is quicker and easier for legs, if it doesn't work well for the face due to being larger I don't think it would be right for me. Has anyone used the Me for the face? Thanks for your input.
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Lancome on sale on Ruelala
Hi all- Ruelala has a sale today on Lancome skincare- looks mighty tempting, products look to be nearly 20% off!
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Your thoughts on Clearogen acne cleanser, toner and cream
What do you think of any of the 3 items from the acne set from Clearogen. I have been looking at this and was wondering how well this works for you guys!
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Men's Father's day Glossybox
40.00 Order by June 5
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Fat Girl Slim
I got a full size sample of Bliss Fat Girl Slim at a sephora event. Anyone tried it? Funny name.
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Origins Brighter By Nature Moisturizer
I have noticed that Origins has discontinued their Brighter by Nature SPF 35 face moisturizer. Is there another Origins product set to take its place at Sephora? I'm currently using the Perfect World with SPF but don't like it quite as much. Thanks!
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FAB Aloe + Plus Soothing Gel and Rosacea
Has anyone with Rosacea ever tried the FAB Aloe + Plus Soothing Gel? I noticed it is on sale and was curious how well it really works. Thank you.
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All of the sudden my chest and face have broken out with a rash like patch. It is red, dry, and it itches like crazy!! Maybe Rosacia or Eczema? i probably should go to a Dermatologist, but I wanted to see if anyone had any quick fixes for something like this! Does anyone recommend something that will help? Thanks!!!!
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How much is too much?
In the past, I have been blessed with pretty good skin with minor breakouts and have never really worried or cared to wash my face at night and moisturize with quality products.  However, I am nearing 30 and recently started noticing fine lines on my face.  This is the main reason that brought me here and now I am like a kid in a candy store with all the options for skincare AND high quality makeup! My question is how much is too much in terms of peels and masks?  I have used samples of DDG extra strength alpha beta pads and saw an improvement almost immediately.  I also used a sample of Ren Radiance renewal glycolic acid mask and loved that as well, so I plan on stocking up on both during the sale. I am ALSO eyeing up the PTR Age Defense Kit with the 1.5% retinol serum and am wondering if this is necessary at my age? Are any of these products better than the other?
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Has anyone used DDF Mattifying Oil Control UV Moisturizer SPF 15
Has anyone used this?   I thought about it, and rather then layer a mositurizer on top of my SPF I'd prefer a 2 in 1 knockout.   I tried the Murad Mattifying SPF, and while it was mattifying which I loved, the texture was bleh...really sticky and didn't feel nice on the skin.   So I did a search and the DDF Mattifying Oil Control UV Moisturizer SPF 15 came up.   If you all have more suggestions for Mattiyfing Moisturizers with SPF, bring em on
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Clarisonic & Waxing
I have been using the Clarisonic Acne Brush and Treatment for 2.5 weeks now (5x/week). Iwent to get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed as usual(been going for over 5 yrs to same place) and I had a very bad reaction. It hurt ALOT!!!! I couldn't even put on aloe vera gel after. It's reddening more than usual.    Has anyone else had reactions like this?
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Hello! I need help with finding out more about DERMAdoctor please.
Hello! I need help with finding out more about DERMAdoctor please. Has anyone within the Sephora company had personal experience with DERMAdoctor Shrinking Beauty? And if so, has anyone seen a dramatic difference in inches lost? And do you know if it targets water weight loss or fat cell loss?I hope to hear from you guys soon! Thank you!
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Skin Tone Chart
This skin tone chart is very useful itions-issues-f11/skin-tone-chart-t4311.html
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Exfoliators used on dry (I.e., not wet) skin
Clarins used to make an exfoliator that was used on dry (ie, not wet) skin - you applied it then rubbed gently until it dried and came off in sloughy bits, like pieces of dry, dead skin.  I see they no longer make it. Does Sephora carry any similar exfoliators to be used on skin that is dry and not wet? Thank you.
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dark scars on hand and knee's
hi, i saw a lot of posts about acne scarring but i didn't see any about scars from falling and other misfortunes.. i'm 19 & i have tan skin. on one of my hands & on my knees i have a few dark scars that are about 3-4 shades darker than my skin.. i've been using a mosturizer with vitamin e in it but i was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? the scars are all from wounds that were pretty deep, the texture of my skin has healed properly it's just really dark thanks a lot
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Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta® Glow Pads
I have quite a few samples of these and was wanting to get feedback from people who have used them.  The majority of the 5 star reviews on the product page seem to be from people who have never posted reviews before (it is their only review) which obviously makes their endorsement questionable.    Product link: 2415&categoryId=C14816   I have used his peel pads and really liked them, but went with PTR's instead because the dollar value was better and they seem to work to same for me.    First off... I am a natural redhead with light to fair skin.  I do not tan (even if I try... and i don't try).  I wear a minimum of 30 SPF every day.  I am in my mid 40s (not sure why theat would be relavent -- but figured I would mention it).  I have normal skin tht is in very good shape (since I spend a small fortune keeping it that way).   Questions I have about the "Glow Pads"   #1) Does it matter if I use it in the morning or at night?   #2) How long does it take to develop... where I can see a noticable difference?  And secondly, when does it stop "developing?"   #3) Is there a secret technique in applying it so that I don't get streaks?  I only plan on using it on my face and neck.  What about my eye area?  Oh... and will it darken my eyebrows (that may be a good thing since they are so light you can barely see them).    #4)  It seems obviuos to me that I shoudl exfoliate prior to using a pad.  Is tha right?  Will exfoliating after the appliation (not immediately after -- like the next day) reduce how long the "tan" lasts?   Any advice is greatly appreciated!   Thanks in advance!!       
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