Horrible skin issues. Help!!!

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Ok so I look absolutely horrible without makeup. I can't even look in the mirror without putting some form of foundation on. I have red, blotchy, acne prone skin and I just want my normal skin back /: I also have bad redness/under eye circles around my eyes. I've tried almost everything. Are there any medical procedures, creams, etc to fix this?
Me without makeup:
Me with:
Same exact lighting.

Re: Horrible skin issues. Help!!!

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Hi Kawaiihk!  What is your current skincare routine like?  To help calm and clear up your acne/even skin tone, I would recommend using a brightening peel.  I really love Origin's Brighter By Nature, which is great on my sensitive skin:



However, since your skin might need a little more power from your peel, you might want to try Dr. Dennis Gross's Alpha-Beta Peel, which is also really popular:



You can also try using a clay mask to draw out the impurities in your skin to prevent future breakouts.  I love Origins' Activated Charcoal Mask, but I've heard good things about Glamglow's line of masks too.


I also struggle with under eye bags/circles, but have yet to find a dream product for that.  There are online tutorials for facial exercises or accupressure for that area that help a little!

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