Dry brushing 101

Dry brushing 101

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I've heard so many good things, but I have NO idea what it is, besides that you probably brush your skin... while it's dry... :smileytongue:  But really, any tips and tricks to getting started would be appreciated, because I have tons of questions:


1) What kind of brush do I use?

2) Is llama hair okay?

3) Brush recommendations?

4) Does this mean I finally have to get a Clarisonic?

5) How often do I need to clean the brush?

6) Do I brush before or after showering?

7) Do I brush before or after moisturizing?

8) Is face dry-brushing a thing?

9) What if my face has a mustache?

10) How do I brush sensitive skin?

11) What are the benefits of dry brushing besides getting rid of skin flakes?

12) Any horror stories (bad experiences)?


Edit: Added numbers to the questions!

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have a friend that has Raynaud's and she calls it RayNARDS and it cracks me up every time! 

Re: Dry brushing 101

That's what my niece calls it!!! She also calls Netflix "necklace" and strokes her neck when she wants Netflix on. :smileyvery-happy:

Re: Dry brushing 101

Well, I don't really know my purpose yet! :smileyhappy:  I've had pretty dry, dull legs lately, so I thought I would try dry brushing. 

Re: Dry brushing 101

I have (some) answers to this!

it felt good afterwards! especially after shaved legs and under your sheets in bed :smileyhappy: but i wasn't very committed to it and now it's my puppy's brush (if she would stop wriggling so much!) I bought a bristle brush from amazon specifically for dry brushing that was a little over five bucks and brushed before bed when i remembered.  The method i read about is to brush in the direction towards your heart because it enhances circulation? overall, though, it was a hassle and I didn't really see much results :smileytongue:

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